Slight dormitory to return to being an all-male dorm

By Abigail Perkins

Staff Writer

Up until early April, the Slight dorm had been set to convert into an all-female dorm. This was preceded by the addition of one floor of only female students within the dorm this past year, while the remaining two floors were still occupied by men. An April 6 email sent to the The Master’s community, confirmed that Slight would no longer become an all-female dorm.

Vaughn Papillion-Lipman has been a resident of the Slight dormitory for the past two years. He believes  there are pros and cons to Slight returning to being an all-male dorm.

“You get to keep the same kind of culture you made in the dorm and you don’t have to work to replicate Slight,” Papillion-Lipman said.

Papillion-Lipman is glad there will be more consistency, as he has been in Slight for the duration of his time at Master’s. He is also looking forward to the continuation of a traditional event hosted by Slight called “Mancakes,” where Slight men cook and serve pancakes to the campus community.

Despite the pros of Slight becoming an all-male dorm once more, Papillion-Lipman said that he would have liked to have had a kitchen at Oak Manor, which was set to become an off campus housing location, open to men only. With the return of Slight becoming a dorm for men, Oak Manor is no longer a housing option.

Trinity Peralta and Katelyn Williams were among some of the women who lived on the female floor of Slight this past year. Both women are happy to have Slight come back as an all-male dorm.

“I would much rather have the boys keep it then have the girls take it – that’s kind of sad,” Peralta said.

“I really liked being in Slight,” Williams said. “But it would be weird to have it be all women. I think it’s cool that it’s going back to all men.”

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