Enrollment spikes … again

By Gabriela Ciurcu

Staff Writer

For the third year in a row, The Master’s University will set a new record for the number of incoming students. Currently, there are 775 accepted students, and the university is expecting at least 400 of them to start in the fall.

Morgan Valaika, associate director of recruiting, explains that, “fewer students are graduating, and it looks like, with this upcoming class, there will be over 1,000 – closer to 1,200 undergraduate students on campus; it will be a little bit crowded.”

Space challenges such as parking, housing, cafeteria and classroom availability have been and will persist on campus.

“It is clear that the campus is full. We joke here in admissions that we keep getting students until we are told not to,” Valaika said.

The university has implemented a $300 housing deposit system for students to secure room and board for the 2022-23 academic year. The deposit is also a place to keep a better track of student commitments for next fall.

“We have inset a sense of urgency in our returning students and our incoming students,” Valaika said. “There is the new housing depository, where you have to pay a deposit to confirm your spot for next year and it is to make sure that we have room for everyone.”

The institution will be providing additional housing through off-campus houses and apartments. Even though it will be a little more expensive to live in them than in the dorms, a cafeteria meal plan is not required, which offsets some of the expense.

“We have TMU apartments and Canyon homes, surrounding homes in Placerita Canyon within walking distance from campus that I believe upperclassmen have the opportunity to live in,” Valaika said.

The Admission Department hopes to get to a place where they have to close enrollment as Master’s grows in popularity – and in its applications.

“We want to continue to become more and more competitive with the students that will be able to come here,” Valaika says. “We have never closed the application before the Weekend of Welcome. We like to think, ‘What if one day we have to close enrollment in May, and our incoming class is set?’ I think these are things that we are excited about here in admissions.”

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