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2019-20 senior baseball players granted additional year of player eligibility

“By the Book” group forges a new way for students to grow

By Libby Powell Golden candlelight dances across the shadowy walls, casting a quiet glow on the faces around the room. After a long day, several girls curl up on the couches, warming their hands with steaming mugs of tea. Each has come with her own burdens and blessings, but there’s an eager light in their…

The Prince of TMU soccer

By Steven Barrera As the sun sets over the soccer field, the air is filled with cheers and the thud of feet hitting the ball. Amid it all, one player stands out, a young man from Blantyre, Malawi who has made his way to the United States to pursue his passion for soccer. With skill…

Josephine Lee: A beautiful tapestry of hardship and blessing

By Libby Powell “It’s easy to think that… God must be American, because that’s what we grew up in,” says TMU student Josephine Lee (Jo), her voice quiet and firm. “But God is so much more than that. God’s attributes encapsulate cultures around the world.” Having spent the first five years of her life in…

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