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Legacy standard Bible arrives

Dr. Plew retiring as dean of music after 43 years of melodious leadership

By Luke Fitzgerald Staff Writer During music major Sabastian Salazar’s first semester at The Master’s University, he had a bit of a surprise when he met the dean of music. Salazar tells about how he saw two older gentlemen speaking outside the music department and he introduced himself to them, asking who they were. One…

Master’s launches Center for Thinking Biblically

By Somy Madeoy Staff Writer Center for Thinking Biblically is a site launched by the Master’s University that regards culture and the Bible. The content is derived from Master’s University’s professors, and will hopefully expand to outside experts to provide more background on certain series in the future. Some examples of those involved in CTB…

TMU graduates making a difference as public school teachers

By Somy Madeoy Staff Writer After graduating from The Master’s University, various alumni are now public-school teachers. Three of them are Micayla Zide, a 7th-grade science teacher, Susana Nestor, current 3rd-grade teacher, Esther Kuiper, a 5th-grade teacher and Kate Zegan, who taught biology, earth science, anatomy and SDAI (kids with English as their second language)…

Slight dormitory to return to being an all-male dorm

By Abigail Perkins Staff Writer Up until early April, the Slight dorm had been set to convert into an all-female dorm. This was preceded by the addition of one floor of only female students within the dorm this past year, while the remaining two floors were still occupied by men. An April 6 email sent…

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