Free textbook library helps internationals

By Gabriela Ciurcu

The international library at TMU provides books for international students in need. 

When the need for required class books came to the attention of Brayden Campos, director of international student advancement, a library dedicated to international students to use became a put-in-practice project. 

In November 2022, the International Student Office started collecting books for international students for the spring ‘23 semester.

“We posted signs around campus, dorms, and the cafeteria and contacted a few people on campus about donating,” Campos said. 

Not knowing how many books the library would receive, a tracking system was created and applied through an Excel sheet. The library only accepts books that are related to TMU courses.

 International students can borrow a book for free for an entire semester and bring it back at the end. This semester, the library has approximately 100 books. Twenty-five percent got “rented.”

Campos explained that the goal is to keep building the collection and have more students use it. He also emphasized that donating is essential for that to happen. 

“Donating a book to the library is an easy way to serve an international student,” Campos said.

Students interested in donating used books to the International Student Library can contact the International Student Office at, or drop the books off in Campos’ office in King Hall with a note.

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