University takes aim at easing the parking crunch

By Steven Barrera, Staff Writer The Master’s University has seen a surge in enrollment in the form of back-to-back record freshman classes in 2020-21 and 2021-22. And, while this is recognized almost universally on campus as a good thing, it has not been without challenges. The most pressing, according to many students, is the sudden,Continue reading “University takes aim at easing the parking crunch”

Modesty: Where do we draw the line?

By Gabriela Ciurcu, Staff Writer In a world where the fashion industry screams loud, where do we draw the line of modesty? The discussion of this topic can be considered unpleasant but inevitable, especially with the current fashion standards.  The Master’s University promotes and upholds the biblical principle of modesty. As expressed in the studentContinue reading “Modesty: Where do we draw the line?”

Is there a “TMU Bubble?”

By Somy Madeoy, Staff Writer The Master’s University is unique and draws in a certain demographic. No two people are alike, but in the context of living for Christ, the students are surrounded by those who are like-minded.  The faculty and staff  share core values that make the university special. TMU sophomore Joel Schluessler explains,Continue reading “Is there a “TMU Bubble?””