Dr. Plew retiring as dean of music after 43 years of melodious leadership

By Luke Fitzgerald Staff Writer During music major Sabastian Salazar’s first semester at The Master’s University, he had a bit of a surprise when he met the dean of music. Salazar tells about how he saw two older gentlemen speaking outside the music department and he introduced himself to them, asking who they were. OneContinue reading “Dr. Plew retiring as dean of music after 43 years of melodious leadership”

Sing to Jesus: The pursuit of Emma Erickson

By Abigail Perkins, Staff Writer Emma Erickson is a gifted singer and a familiar face to many on campus. A student in the midst of her sophomore year at The Master’s University, Erickson’s talent has equipped her for various roles on campus. She is a member of the prestigious singing group, The Master’s Chorale. SheContinue reading “Sing to Jesus: The pursuit of Emma Erickson”

Rowland leads TMU’s handbell choir through its 40th year

By Luke Fitzgerald, Staff Writer The classroom EHC 100 seems like it was made for worship, and no wonder. This spacious room is a converted church chapel. There have probably been thousands of hymns and worship songs sung inside its walls. Now, all sorts of lectures from Bible to philosophy are heard from the podium.Continue reading “Rowland leads TMU’s handbell choir through its 40th year”

Pipe organ ready to sing – By Faith Wismer

Students involved in The Master’s University music program have had various experiences furthering knowledge and talent in their own areas of expertise. Although TMU has always had the resources to accommodate student needs, the university has acquired a new and exciting addition to the music department.  TMU has been blessed with the addition of aContinue reading “Pipe organ ready to sing – By Faith Wismer”

Orchestrating that beautiful sound – By Alex Nuñez

The orchestra exploded in sound as the first measure of the piece was played. The percussion in the back sounded, ringing in support of the melody. Instruments from the brass family seemed to have a conversation as they sounded back and forth, different beats and syncopation ringing out in the room as the strings grewContinue reading “Orchestrating that beautiful sound – By Alex Nuñez”