From Italy to the SCV: TMU’s Martino shines

By Steven Barrera, Staff Writer Adjusting  to a new team can be tough for many college athletes, but Italian born Giorgio Martino has had to adjust to living in a new country as well.  For Martino, The Master’s University was not his first stop to America as he had previously played soccer at Arizona WesternContinue reading “From Italy to the SCV: TMU’s Martino shines”

“This is the fun side of the campus”

By Luke Fitzgerald, Staff Writer The MacArthur Center is one of the first buildings seen by visitors of The Master’s University. A large, impressive front with glass walls and a wide fountain before it welcomes all comers. Next to it, Trophy coffee buzzes. But on the back side of the building, a different kind ofContinue reading ““This is the fun side of the campus””

Will Avera: The long and inevitable journey to Master’s – by Melissa Dickson

“God give me clarity for my future for volleyball.” Will Avera had no idea what he was inviting when he prayed that prayer in the summer of 2021. Traveling back to the summer of 2019, Avera had just graduated from Clovis Unified in Fresno, Calif. and looked up “California Christian colleges with volleyball programs.” MereContinue reading “Will Avera: The long and inevitable journey to Master’s – by Melissa Dickson”