Artificial intelligence set to emerge at TMU – by Adam Brewer

The Master’s University has seen many changes recently. Buildings have been upgraded, hangout spots have been created and more is still to come. There have been so many changes to the campus itself that some big events have slipped under the radar of many students. Ever since professor David Crater became the head of theContinue reading “Artificial intelligence set to emerge at TMU – by Adam Brewer”

TMU creating children’s show and superhero short film – by Faith Wismer

The TMU cinema and digital arts emphasis is rolling out a pair of ambitious projects this academic year. The first is a part live-action, part animated television series developed specifically for children. The second is an expanded series of Winterim courses aimed at producing and advertising the university’s latest short film production, this one featuringContinue reading “TMU creating children’s show and superhero short film – by Faith Wismer”

Building projects lift campus mood – By Faith Wismer

The Master’s University has enjoyed a beautiful campus since its earliest days. There are many places for students to spend time and do homework, both inside and outside. However, due to COVID, many of these places have been shut down, limiting the areas students can spend their time being studious or hanging out with friends.Continue reading “Building projects lift campus mood – By Faith Wismer”

The unexpected trilogy – By Matthew Seitz

Dr. Will Varner’s latest trio of books came together in a unique way. “It’s not if you go to IBEX, it’s when.” Many have heard Dr. William Varner say this phrase trying to cajole them into attending Master’s study abroad program in Israel.   Varner has been a long-time favorite professor here at the university andContinue reading “The unexpected trilogy – By Matthew Seitz”

Computer science settling in to its new home – By Alex Cole

As of Spring 2021, The Computer Science Department has begun operations in their new facility.  Previously, they had been delegated to the Computer and Information Sciences (CIS) building, which is behind the alumni building. Now, they have been moved to what is now called the Engineering and Computer Science (ECS) building.  Before it was renovated,Continue reading “Computer science settling in to its new home – By Alex Cole”

School launches sport management major – By Alex Cole

The Master’s University is currently in the end stages of the development of a new major, the B.A. in sport management, a business degree that specifically aims at the sports industry. According to Associate Professor of Business Administration, Dr. Wayne Rasmussen, “Whatever you want to do in the sports world, you’ll be able to doContinue reading “School launches sport management major – By Alex Cole”

Legacy Standard Bible Arrives – By Adam Brewer

In the past year, a lot has happened, which is amazing because most of the world strived to do nothing. We were told to stay at home and many are still worried about venturing into public.  For many students it was a time for reflection and refocusing their life on the Lord. For six professorsContinue reading “Legacy Standard Bible Arrives – By Adam Brewer”

Winterim 2021 ropes three courses in to produce and market a Western short film – By Alex Nunez

Students and professors from The Master’s University got to shoot the Western short film “Reckoning” for this year’s Winterim production program. For one week, students partook in either a production, journalism or content marketing course and headed south to Landers, Calif. where they would occupy a Western film set for three days of shooting. StudentsContinue reading “Winterim 2021 ropes three courses in to produce and market a Western short film – By Alex Nunez”