Spring marks final show for 13 Theatre Arts seniors — by Alex Nuñez

The audience roared with applause as the cast of the show made their final bows. With a stomp of the foot, the 15 cast members put their arms out towards the tech team in the back of the room before waving to the audience. The crew joined and filled the stage as the lights slowlyContinue reading “Spring marks final show for 13 Theatre Arts seniors — by Alex Nuñez”

Pipe organ ready to sing – By Faith Wismer

Students involved in The Master’s University music program have had various experiences furthering knowledge and talent in their own areas of expertise. Although TMU has always had the resources to accommodate student needs, the university has acquired a new and exciting addition to the music department.  TMU has been blessed with the addition of aContinue reading “Pipe organ ready to sing – By Faith Wismer”

Behind the curtain: Master’s Memes administrator speaks – By Alex Cole

One of the cornerstones of the internet, especially among Generation Y and Z, is meme culture, and the students at The Master’s University are no exception. The campus has developed a rich meme culture. A primary contributor to the student body’s sophisticated understanding of internet humor is the Master’s Memes.  TMU student Luke Maycumber said,Continue reading “Behind the curtain: Master’s Memes administrator speaks – By Alex Cole”

The big cope: COVID-19 and the university student – by Faith Wismer

The Master’s University is one of the few universities across the nation that decided to keep their doors open for the 2020-2021 school year. Though it is a blessing to the faculty, staff and students to be a part of the university in person, enduring this year has been a challenge; many restrictions were placedContinue reading “The big cope: COVID-19 and the university student – by Faith Wismer”

Orchestrating that beautiful sound – By Alex Nuñez

The orchestra exploded in sound as the first measure of the piece was played. The percussion in the back sounded, ringing in support of the melody. Instruments from the brass family seemed to have a conversation as they sounded back and forth, different beats and syncopation ringing out in the room as the strings grewContinue reading “Orchestrating that beautiful sound – By Alex Nuñez”

Saved to Serve – By Adam Brewer

Every fall and spring, year after year, new students come to The Master’s University for the first time. This academic year ushered in the largest group of incoming students the school has seen in years. The shady seats under a large oak tree by King Hall, the gym and the stairs to the cafeteria haveContinue reading “Saved to Serve – By Adam Brewer”