Wrestling with Anxiety as a College Student

Anxiety is something many struggle with throughout their lifetime. However, not many mention it. Not many choose to be vulnerable. Although, in ignoring it, it begins to consume everyday life, taking away opportunities as it weighs you down. Emotions are heightened, judgments are clouded, insecurities are raised. Anxiety is real, and it does, in fact,Continue reading “Wrestling with Anxiety as a College Student”

Behind the scenes at Teache Ed. – by Faith Wismer

What does it take to be a teacher? According to Dr. Jordan Morton, dean of the education department at The Master’s University, it takes “lots of patience and hard work.” The essence of the teacher education program at The Master’s University, is to equip students to fall in love with teaching. It is understood thatContinue reading “Behind the scenes at Teache Ed. – by Faith Wismer”

TMU creating children’s show and superhero short film – by Faith Wismer

The TMU cinema and digital arts emphasis is rolling out a pair of ambitious projects this academic year. The first is a part live-action, part animated television series developed specifically for children. The second is an expanded series of Winterim courses aimed at producing and advertising the university’s latest short film production, this one featuringContinue reading “TMU creating children’s show and superhero short film – by Faith Wismer”

Pipe organ ready to sing – By Faith Wismer

Students involved in The Master’s University music program have had various experiences furthering knowledge and talent in their own areas of expertise. Although TMU has always had the resources to accommodate student needs, the university has acquired a new and exciting addition to the music department.  TMU has been blessed with the addition of aContinue reading “Pipe organ ready to sing – By Faith Wismer”

Building projects lift campus mood – By Faith Wismer

The Master’s University has enjoyed a beautiful campus since its earliest days. There are many places for students to spend time and do homework, both inside and outside. However, due to COVID, many of these places have been shut down, limiting the areas students can spend their time being studious or hanging out with friends.Continue reading “Building projects lift campus mood – By Faith Wismer”

The big cope: COVID-19 and the university student – by Faith Wismer

The Master’s University is one of the few universities across the nation that decided to keep their doors open for the 2020-2021 school year. Though it is a blessing to the faculty, staff and students to be a part of the university in person, enduring this year has been a challenge; many restrictions were placedContinue reading “The big cope: COVID-19 and the university student – by Faith Wismer”