Master’s launches Center for Thinking Biblically

By Somy Madeoy Staff Writer Center for Thinking Biblically is a site launched by the Master’s University that regards culture and the Bible. The content is derived from Master’s University’s professors, and will hopefully expand to outside experts to provide more background on certain series in the future. Some examples of those involved in CTBContinue reading “Master’s launches Center for Thinking Biblically”

TMU graduates making a difference as public school teachers

By Somy Madeoy Staff Writer After graduating from The Master’s University, various alumni are now public-school teachers. Three of them are Micayla Zide, a 7th-grade science teacher, Susana Nestor, current 3rd-grade teacher, Esther Kuiper, a 5th-grade teacher and Kate Zegan, who taught biology, earth science, anatomy and SDAI (kids with English as their second language)Continue reading “TMU graduates making a difference as public school teachers”

Monty’s: Behind the scenes

By Somy Madeoy Staff Writer The Monty’s, a talent show, held for the last 15 years, has morphed into the big spring event. Previously, students would go off-campus to Los Angeles, or the event would be held in the MacArthur center. Since the event has long been in circulation, the team has aimed to expressContinue reading “Monty’s: Behind the scenes”

Is there a “TMU Bubble?”

By Somy Madeoy, Staff Writer The Master’s University is unique and draws in a certain demographic. No two people are alike, but in the context of living for Christ, the students are surrounded by those who are like-minded.  The faculty and staff  share core values that make the university special. TMU sophomore Joel Schluessler explains,Continue reading “Is there a “TMU Bubble?””

Mission focus: Elijah Kellogg, missionary in residence

By Somy Madeoy, Staff Writer Elijah Kellogg is a missionary in residence at The Master’s university, a part of campus at The Master’s University that mentors international students and disciples those interested in missions. Kellogg uses his experience as an overseas missionary and current pastor to serve the school in these areas. His role isContinue reading “Mission focus: Elijah Kellogg, missionary in residence”