Dr. Greg Gifford featured in Wretched Radio’s “Transformed”

Dr. Greg Gifford, assistant professor of biblical counseling at The Master’s University, has been traveling to Georgia over the past few months, where Todd Friel and his team hosts the Christian radio show “Wretched.” Over the past year, Friel’s team and Gifford have been hard at work developing a video series about biblical counseling calledContinue reading “Dr. Greg Gifford featured in Wretched Radio’s “Transformed””

Geek culture is alive and well on campus

For a long time, geek culture and Christianity have had a tumultuous relationship. From games, books, music, movies, from Star Wars to Lord of the Rings and from Dungeons and Dragons to Harry Potter, Christians have had a lot to say about it. In the past, there has been a stigma toward geek culture inContinue reading “Geek culture is alive and well on campus”

Summer ’21: Mustangs in Alaska – by Alex Cole

Barring summer 2020, The Master’s University annually sends students on missionary trips all around the world in a program called Global Outreach. One “GO Team” this year traveled to Alaska. During their summer trip, the team went to three places in Alaska: Anchorage, Nenana and Kokrine Hills. Kokrine Hills was where they had the biggestContinue reading “Summer ’21: Mustangs in Alaska – by Alex Cole”

Behind the curtain: Master’s Memes administrator speaks – By Alex Cole

One of the cornerstones of the internet, especially among Generation Y and Z, is meme culture, and the students at The Master’s University are no exception. The campus has developed a rich meme culture. A primary contributor to the student body’s sophisticated understanding of internet humor is the Master’s Memes.  TMU student Luke Maycumber said,Continue reading “Behind the curtain: Master’s Memes administrator speaks – By Alex Cole”

Computer science settling in to its new home – By Alex Cole

As of Spring 2021, The Computer Science Department has begun operations in their new facility.  Previously, they had been delegated to the Computer and Information Sciences (CIS) building, which is behind the alumni building. Now, they have been moved to what is now called the Engineering and Computer Science (ECS) building.  Before it was renovated,Continue reading “Computer science settling in to its new home – By Alex Cole”

School launches sport management major – By Alex Cole

The Master’s University is currently in the end stages of the development of a new major, the B.A. in sport management, a business degree that specifically aims at the sports industry. According to Associate Professor of Business Administration, Dr. Wayne Rasmussen, “Whatever you want to do in the sports world, you’ll be able to doContinue reading “School launches sport management major – By Alex Cole”