Lisa LaGeorge is leaving


Kinsley Lively, News Editor

Any room filled with TMU students who desire to share the Gospel is inspiring. On an average Thursday night, you’ll find some of these students learning from a woman with incredible experience and passion for sharing the Gospel. Dr. Lisa LaGeorge is TMU’s icon for sharing the gospel and pursuing missions for students at Master’s. On July 2nd, she will officially be leaving her current position at Master’s.

“Missions has been a historic part of Master’s from the beginning, and I trust that it will continue to be,” LaGeorge says.

LaGeorge is the outreach director and professor skilled in teaching, coaching, and assessment at TMU. She holds a doctorate in intercultural education from Biola University and she has been dedicated to Master’s since July 1998. She was originally working in Alaska as a missionary when she heard that TMU needed someone with experience in missions and teaching. She started as an assistant to the Student Life vice president and continued to move up over the years until reaching her current position.

As of this summer, LaGeorge will have sent out one hundred mission teams to around the globe from Master’s.

“I’m very sad about Lisa LaGeorge’s leaving. She is so encouraging, fearless, and easy to talk to,” Paul Patingo, a  member of Team Guam this year, says. “She loves being able to take people’s thoughts and help them realize God’s plan for their life. She helps work through those things in a very impactful way.”

According to LaGeorge, there are around 250 missionaries who graduated from Master’s around the world, located in places such as Germany, Ecuador, Brazil, Uganda and the Middle East.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how the missions program will continue to develop in the days ahead,” LaGeorge says. “We’ve got hundreds of graduates who are overseas serving and so there’s always going to be someone who’s willing to invite students to come and be a part of what God’s doing around the world.”

LaGeorge has been to more than 45 countries for missions and says she wants Christians to understand what sharing the Gospel means.

“I want students to understand what their involvement looks like even if they never go to the field themselves, that we’re still called to send people and make sure that the 2 billion people around the world who have never heard the Gospel once have the opportunity to do so,” said LaGeorge. “That only happens when God’s people are obedient.”

Alli Jacobs, a junior Bible major at TMU, is previous GO trip member and friend of LaGeorge.

“The Lord has gifted her particularly and grown her over the years so much in an understanding of her overseas experiences and she’s been able to apply that and teach us as a student body here, in a way, just disciple us in [the] way that the Lord is discipling her,” said Jacobs. “My interpersonal relationship with Lisa was so impactful inside of the classroom but especially outside the classroom.”

LaGeorge is set to further pursue Christ at Children’s Hunger Fund in Sylmar, California, as the Director of the CHF academy. She’ll be taking over the training that goes on within the organization and curriculum development. However, she will not be completely gone from TMU.

“I will be teaching cultural anthropology on Tuesday nights, and I will continue to teach one class a semester and hopefully will be able to interact with students who are interested in missions and those who don’t know they need to be,” LaGeorge says. “That’s really been my goal here.”