A Ring in “The Happiest Place on Earth”


Photo courtesy of Abby Gustke

Hudson and Grace embrace in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle.

Abigail Pywtorak, Staff Writer

Only a few days before Valentine’s Day, students got the chance to spend an entire day at Disneyland. For some this day happened to be especially magical. For junior Grace Viessman, a Biblical counseling major and Hudson Christmas, a TMU alumni, Disney Day 2018 is a day they will always remember. Around 11:30 in the morning in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle, Hudson got down on one knee and asked Grace if she would marry him.

What is especially interesting about the story of Hudson and Grace is that they have known each other since they were around the ages of three and five. They did not start dating until the summer of 2016.

In fact, Hudson acknowledged that he wasn’t interested in pursuing a relationship with her until, while at Master’s, he began thinking, “What am I looking for right now when it comes to a…future spouse.” Soon he realized, “What…is there that I’m looking for that she doesn’t have?” A few months later they began dating.

Their first date together was at Jamba Juice. After Hudson and Grace started dating they had to, at points, maintain their relationship “long distance.”

“Long distance is…really hard, but it can be…a huge blessing and it really…teaches you so much about yourself…and…it…makes you depend on the Lord and let Him be the foundation of the relationship,” said Grace.

Finally, after over a year of dating, Disney Day dawned. Grace acknowledged that she had at first suspected Hudson might propose at Disneyland because of rumors she’d heard from other people. Later though some people threw her off so that she decided it wouldn’t actually happen at Disneyland.

When she and Hudson arrived at Disneyland she had no idea he was planning to propose, although Grace did remember that there were times during the day, “where it seemed like he was zoning out or thinking about something else,” Grace said.

Shortly before noon the group that Hudson and Grace were a part of decided, according to plan, to take couples photos in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Grace was surprised by this since there was a marching band in front of the castle at the time and so she thought they should just wait till later. After Hudson and Grace took their photo he told her “I have something to tell you.”

Once she heard this, Grace realized what was happening. Then Hudson got down on one knee and proposed and, of course, Grace said yes. Though the two have not set a definite date for the wedding, they are considering July of this year. They are also planning on having the wedding in Arizona where Hudson is currently employed. In thinking back on Disney Day Grace summed up the experience well when she said that she would, “look back on Disney Day as the most surreal, social, and joyful day as a couple and as a community.”

Photo Courtesy of Abby Gustke