4 Most Caffeinated Coffee Drinks in SCV

Broderick McGrath, Staff Writer

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There comes a point in  every person’s life where they take a step into adulthood through their  first cup of coffee. Later it becomes the indulgence of coffee. As life moves on you become a college student, start working early hours, and you begin to run on caffeine. Sometimes you need that little extra boost of energy to start your day. The good news is Santa Clarita is spotted  with great coffee shops around town, and each one possesses their own most caffeinated drink.

Bodhi Leaf is becoming more of a popular coffee shop to go to among Master’s students with its dark wood interior, hipster style and selective coffee beans. Bodhi Leaf serves a cafe mocha that comes with a shot (or more) of a single origin espresso. The caffeine amount comes out to be around 230 to 240 mg if you order it with just one shot. There is only 95 mg in an average 8 oz black cup of coffee. The cafe mocha is a deliciously brewed coffee drink with the multiple flavors of dark coffee, espresso, chocolate, and cream blending perfectly together, and I recommend you order it hot.  

Everybody forgets about Peet’s Coffee, and that Santa Clarita has one located off of McBean, and if you like a simple black cup of coffee without any other unnecessary added creams, sugars, and pumps of flavor then you must try this clearly superior brew. It is a dark drip so it’s brewed longer giving more  and a darker flavor to the coffee. A 16 oz cup has about 267 mg of caffeine and is more than capable of giving you that jumpstart to your day.

Honu’s legendary cold brew has a caffeine amount of 330 mg, a great and delicious way to start anyone’s day, or continue a day. Honu’s cold brew coffee is soaked for a full 24 hours and then given a nitrogen bath for 12 hours. The roast they use is organic and roasted lightly but comes on tap and served as strong as a drip coffee, but also incredibly smooth.     

Starbucks offers a wide variety of drinks, but only some of them have the amount of caffeine you are looking for. A Starbucks Venti doubleshot on ice has about 375 mg of caffeine. This iced coffee is not as tasty as a Honu cold brew, but after adding a little cream it becomes the cure for tired minds and weary souls.