Where Intentional Community Meets a Hot Breakfast


provided by: Jonathan Nah

Joe and the Kellers jamming out at a basketball game.

Alicia Thompson, Sports Editor

It’s nearly impossible to be a student at The Master’s University and not have heard of the up-and-coming band, Joe and the Kellers. With over 400 followers on Instagram and several recent live performances, the band has already struck a chord with the student body. However, while many have heard the band, few people know exactly who Joe and the Kellers are and what they are about. Well, the run-down on Joe and the Kellers is here and ready to be discussed over your next intentional hot breakfast.


Most do not realize that the band’s name, coined by senior Norman Molina, was not the only name discussed. “Cold-blooded Kellers” would have raised more than a few questions and was quickly tossed out. However, there was never a question of who the band’s muse was. Joe Keller’s community-driven passion for the students, his leadership, and his love for Christ have set an excellent example for the student body.


“Given the virtues that Joe Keller stood for,” freshman, Jonathan Nah said. “Joe and the Kellers was the obvious choice.”


Thomas Kocsis and Jonathan Nah first met during WOW 2017 and quickly became good friends. Both guys share a love for music, so once the semester started, they wanted to start jamming.


“Me and Thomas met during Week of Welcome. I don’t remember talking to him that much back then. Little did I know, Thomas would become one of my closest friends,” Nah said. “Thomas and I have really different personalities, but we both make it a point to be invested in each other’s lives.”


Kocsis has been playing keyboard since he was ten years old and singing for as long as he can remember, and Nah has been playing guitar for four years and just began singing for the first time with the band.


For their first major performance of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition,” they needed more vocals, so Kocsis asked a couple of classmates to join the group. Since then, the band has gradually added people from all over the country, and current members include Kevin Treanor, Brian Treanor, Ethan Gentry, Jacob Hearne, Paul Busenitz, and Sam Isiderio, as well as Kocsis and Nah.


“Our goal is to get Joe in the band,” Nah said. “If he joined, I could die happy.”


While Joe Keller might not be joining anytime soon, he certainly supports what the band is doing, even going as far as to send each member a handwritten note in their mailbox.


“One of the great opportunities during the university years is taking everything you are learning and sharing life together with your friends,” Keller said. “This band is an example of that; we have fun because they are having fun sharing their talent together. I love hearing them perform and watching TMU enjoy their house band. They’re really great guys; I’m their biggest fan.”


In four years, Joe and the Kellers would love to be viewed as a catalyst for building community between students at Master’s.


“Hopefully we’ll still be an intentional community with hot breakfast. Maybe even the Keller kids could join; they’re the real Kellers,” Nah said. “In all seriousness though, we want Joe and the Kellers to become an idea of people coming together during their time at Master’s through their shared talents.”

Joe and the Kellers pose with Joe and the Kellers

The band’s next official performance will be in the spring at The Monty’s. They’re keeping quiet as far as what they’ll be performing, but Nah and Kocsis promise they’ll bring the hot breakfast with them.  


As far as adding new members, the band claims they’re pretty set. Right now, there’s a good amount of people, but they are open to at least one addition.


“If you can find someone who plays the bagpipes,” said Nah. “They’d be in.”


Both Nah and Kocsis agree that Joe and the Kellers has been a tremendous learning experience.


“It hasn’t always been easy. Good relationships take a lot of work. I love playing with friends, getting to know people better, and forming bonds,” Kocsis said. “Do stuff with your friends and do it intentionally.”


Master’s is full of talented students from all walks of life. The key to building community is using those talents while partnering with fellow students towards something bigger than each individual person.


“Music is just one of the activities that can bring students together,” Nah said. “Our band is a representation of something that can bring people together to have a good time and get closer to one another. It’s always been about the friendship, not the band.”