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When you see students walking around campus frisbees in hand don’t expect them to start playing ultimate frisbee or simply playing catch but rather watch them chuck frisbees at brown posts. These students have joined in the craze known as disc golf

The sport of disc golf has grown tremendously over the last five years according to the United States Disc Golf Championship and has even made its way to placerita canyon.

The course itself came from the mind of Dave Hulet who serves as the dean of men at the University.

“An unofficial course has been a part of the college for a long time so I thought it was time that we made things official.” Hulet said.

The course kicks off on the lawn across the street from Hotchkiss, scales across campus near Placerita Canyon Rd., makes its way up to Dixon and Sweazy, and finally makes its way up the hill that is behind the male dorms. The front nine ends behind King Hall and the course then backtracks to the beginning for final nine holes known as the back nine.

“The course lies in the perfect place where it’s not far enough away from campus to make it hard to access but it is not close enough to damage any windows,” says senior Drew Fukuda who has now played the course over five times in the month that he has been here.

Students have even been given the opportunity to rent out discs from King Hall which has become the midpoint of the course where students can enjoy a beverage after the first nine holes.

One of the unique features of this disc golf course is that it doesn’t use the classic disc golf cathers as holes but rather wooden posts that stick out of the ground with a Mustang emblem on them. This is to both save money as well as give the course a certain longevity as the wooden posts won’t rust over time.

“The vision behind the course is that it would give students another activity that they could do on campus that wouldn’t cost any money and give them the opportunity to put down their phones and forget about homework for a couple hours and just enjoy time together.” Hulet said.

And while the course has only been around students for less than a month it has already begun to do it’s job.

“The course gives my friends and I such a good opportunity to get outside and blow off some steam any time we want.” says former course record holder TJ Van Wingerden.

Students have even been given the opportunity to rent out discs from King Hall.

As the disc golf culture at Master’s continues to grow Hulet has high hopes for the future of the course, “We’re hoping that disc golf will grow more and more over the years and become a staple of life at TMU.”

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