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There’s an app for that

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Students cross the street, on their way to chapel, pulling out their phones. When they walk into the lobby, they quickly scan a QR code to check in and then proceed to find a seat inside.

Amidst the many changes happening around Master’s campus, one of the most personal to the student body is the new TMU app. Aside from using it three times a week for chapel, students are constantly using the app. From sharing viral memes to sharing one another’s digits, the app has brought the collective student body of Master’s together in a tangible way.

“Get connected to our campus, stay organized and never miss out on upcoming events,” the promoting flyer for the app reads.

Robert Jensen, Digital Marketing Manager, has been with the marketing team ever since its launch, in July 2016. They crafted the app for Fall 2017’s incoming students over the past summer.

“Our university has been around for 90 years so the majority of our job is simply taking our incredible faculty and putting them on display for the world. We craft the messaging and experiences that represent who we are and the product we produce,” Jensen said. “We felt an app that allowed students to see what was happening on campus and in the community and create discussions about those events would help foster a more engaged student/customer.”

The TMU app, available on both Apple and Android devices, opens up with a drop down list of upcoming events around campus: sports games, student recitals, open dorms, and more. It also includes a space for groups to come together and share information, and ask questions.

“Honestly, the trolls are hilarious and you should download it just to see what your fellow students think about last week’s tacos,” Jensen said.

Though the app has only been around for a few months, it has already integrated well within the campus, evidenced by tens of posts and comments written on the chat every day.

“I really like the app,” junior, Alli Jacobs smiles, as she helps facilitate a Wednesday chapel check in. “It gives me more opportunities to talk to people coming in and have conversations with them.”

Multiple stations set up around the lobby create a streamlined and efficient check-in process. Students can go up to any of the QR code stations and check in for chapel without waiting in lines or digging around in their backpacks for a pen.

Along with chapel sign-ins, the app enables students to post lost and found belongings, find rides to and from church, and sell items. Many students have turned to the app in search of lost ID cards, missing hydro-flasks, and even clothes. Others have found creative ways to get their message out to the public as well.

“Lost: The girl of my dreams, knowing Master’s I’ll probably marry her. Please help find,” Broderick McGrath posted on the Lost & Found page.

“Selling 1 mini fridge. $18 obo,” Jordan Hubbs posted, alongside a picture of Master’s class president, Caleb Friginal.

The app also includes a campus chat section where students can discuss anything from the latest memes to what was said in chapel.

“My favorite part of the app would probably be the campus chat. Sometimes it can be really entertaining and the people can also be really helpful if you have questions,” junior Danielle Tucker said. “I also like how fast people respond to other people’s comments.”

Along with the rest of his department, Jensen hopes to see the app progress as the months go on.

We have a long list of features that we can’t wait to implement. The app itself will be getting a facelift over Christmas break and a few of the features are going to be simplified or improved. Our whole goal and primary driving force is to enhance our student/customer engagement.”

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There’s an app for that