Can social media and the Christian co-exist?

By Steven Barrera

We live in a digital world, where social media is the means for how people get their news. It allows individuals to connect with others from around the world, express their thoughts and share their experiences. Christians too can use social media to enhance their personal and professional lives.

“Social media is full of people posting pictures and videos to present other than what their life is really like. My challenge is for everyone to understand their motives behind what they are posting,” said Matt Frields, A TMU communication professor.

Frields teaches the school’s Social Media and Communication course.

Proverbs 16:2, “All ways of a man are pure in his own sight, But Yahweh weighs the motives.” (LSB)

On social media, there are many Christian organizations and groups that provide resources like daily devotionals, Bible studies and prayer groups. A sense of community, support and encouragement can also be obtained from interacting with other Christians, particularly for people who do not have access to a local church.

It can also be a place for debate. Some of it is healthy. Some of it, not so much.

“I have had the ‘public’ debates on the platforms, and I have learned that it’s better to not engage publicly,” Frields said. “Instead reach out to them in private, send them a DM or if you know them reach out to them.”

Christians have the chance to shine a light on the world through social media. They can help individuals who may be struggling by sharing the gospel and giving them hope and encouragement. Additionally, they can utilize social media to spread uplifting messages and aid humanitarian endeavors. Christians may have a beneficial impact on the digital world by using social media to spread kindness and love.

Social media can also be used by Christians for professional purposes. It can be a means to highlight their skills, talents and work experience to potential employers or clients. Platforms such as LinkedIn can be used to network with professionals in their field and find job opportunities. Christians can also use social media to promote their businesses and share their ability with others. 

While social media can be used in many positive ways, there are negatives as well. Frields suggests having someone who can disciple you and help hold you accountable. For some Christians, it may be wise to cut out social media completely. If you come across a fellow believer who is using social media in a sinful manner go to them lovingly and in private.

Matthew 7:5 “You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.” (LSB)

“This should not hold you from addressing them but evaluate yourself first. Confess your own sin to God and go humbly confront your brother or sister in Christ,” Frields said.

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