Can I CLEP it?

By Gabriela Ciurcu

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a series of standardized multiple-choice examinations through which students can earn college credit and test out of general education courses. 

There are 34 separate CLEP examinations. A range of subjects, from English to science, are accessible through it. 

Register or sign-in on a personal account with the College Board to prepare for the test. The website includes a list of the offered exam subjects and descriptions. Remote proctoring or testing in person at a testing center are the two options for taking an exam. 

“It is a fantastic idea! For $100 and 90 minutes, you can earn three units. It is a time saver, but you wouldn’t learn as much as you would in a classroom with a professor,” said Kathy Carroll, an academic counselor at TMU. 

The CLEP Study Guide, The Free University Project and a study system through the InstantCert Academy are a few of the resources available online to prepare for the exam. 

Caroll emphasized that time management is critical to preparation.  

“Getting the information is the easy part. The hardest part is the discipline of sitting down and studying.” Carroll said. “If you don’t memorize well or have anxiety with test taking, it is not a good idea to do a CLEP test.”

A 30-percent off student discount coupon code for the exam is available on the Registrar page of the TMU website.

Contact the Registrar’s or Admissions Office to receive information on what exam is transferable to TMU and the score required for credit. 

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