Newhall’s farmer’s market has something for everyone

By Steven Barrera and Luke Fitzgerald

Staff Writers

On any Saturday morning, rain or shine, a bustling sight greets visitors outside the Old Town Newhall Library on Lyons. Pop-ups and booths of every color line the parking lot. Walking through the crowd, you can see a booth selling strawberry and pineapple tamales.

The smell of fresh maza crawls through the air. A whining sound comes from a gentleman sharpening kitchen knives from the back of his truck. A hundred different colors of flowers and fruits line the stalls.

Old Town Newhall Farmer’s Market runs from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Saturday. One of several markets started seven years ago, they collaborate with the city. The managers rent spaces to farmers and get a percentage of each vendor’s profit.

“It gets people out here to get fresh produce that they can use to cook,” said Brandon, an employee at the farmers market.

Claudio and his family run a booth called Urban Fresh Farms. They sell lettuce, herbs, and eggs.  Their family-run, 40 acre farm is located where the 5 and the 126 freeway intersect. Claudio has been at this farmer’s market for four years.

“The farmers market is everything, it is our direct connection to the community,”  Claudio said.

Each vendor makes an effort to connect to the community by bringing the freshest products whether it is orange juice made fresh, natural sausages, or breads.

“Most of the stuff here you wouldn’t see in regular stores,” Brandon said.

In another booth, the smell of sourdough slices through the air. Little Loaves and Booles is a booth that sells all sorts of sourdough bread. Naomi Stephenson, a student at TMU, sells each Saturday for the owners.

“Not only do I get to have fun at this job, but I get to be a light of salvation to those around me who are looking for a reason to belong,” Stephenson said.

One booth over, there is homemade ravioli and pizza. The owner, Nick Perle calls his booth Buono which translates to tasty. Perle experiments with chocolate and truffle mushroom in his ravioli. He takes pride in using quality ingredients for each of his creations.

Old Town Newhall Farmer’s Market is one of the best ways to get fresh goods from local farms and businesses. Visitors can enjoy food being made on site while listening to live music and lively crowds.

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