The future of “Women to Women”

By Abigail Perkins, Staff Writer

Many students are unaware of what “Women to Women,” an annual event hosted by The Master’s University, actually entails. The event, more formally referred to as “Women Discipling Women,” has traditionally occurred at least once during the school year; however, it has not transpired in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Women to Women is an event where women open up their homes: women who work here, wives of professors who work here, other staff and faculty members who work here- they have girls over,” said Brianna Harris, TMU’s dean of women and the organizer of the event. “Maybe they do something fun or just have dinner and a time of fellowship.”

Though the event had not been hosted in the past two years, there are upperclassmen who have attended “Women to Women” from years past. One such student is Mindy Molloy, currently in her senior year at The Master’s University.

“We would go have food, some of them would have crafts, at some of them we’d hang out,” Molloy said. “I went to Steph Beals’ house, and she made us coffee. I liked the fellowship and I loved hanging out with people … It’s always nice to be at someone’s house and not in the caf.”

The 2022 event, which took place from Feb. 21-26 this year, was unique. There was a new focus in mind for hosting the event.

Harris said, “We say that it’s important for you guys to be connected to the church and involved in the church so we want to assist in that any way we can, and I think that this is a great event to do that.”

TMU freshman Niobe Peralta attended “Women to Women” for the first time in 2022. She is one of many female freshmen who were able to experience the updated “Women Discipling Women” as their precedent.

“It was an encouraging time getting to meet other women from the church and hearing the testimony and life of our host,” Peralta said. 

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