Sing to Jesus: The pursuit of Emma Erickson

By Abigail Perkins, Staff Writer

Emma Erickson is a gifted singer and a familiar face to many on campus. A student in the midst of her sophomore year at The Master’s University, Erickson’s talent has equipped her for various roles on campus. She is a member of the prestigious singing group, The Master’s Chorale. She is most recognizable as one of the members leading worship in the Master’s University chapel band.

“Leading, you get to see a part of the people that the other student body can’t see,” Erickson said.“When people are worshiping, it’s so humbling. You see their adoration and awe, and you’re like “okay Lord, how much more can I worship you then? It’s an example.”

Singing has been a major part of Erickson’s life. She says that she began singing when she was little, and started taking lessons at 13. By the time she was 16, she began taking classical opera singing lessons, which she continues today.

“Emma has progressed immensely as a singer and musician. Her voice has matured and deepened as she’s learned more about music and how much she loves it,” said Erickson’s sister, Ashlyn. 

Along with singing with the chapel band and in the Master’s Chorale, Emma is studying vocal performance at The Master’s University. Beyond graduation, she has hopes to continue to sing in a context where she can glorify God.

“Worship has just been a part of my life for a long time. It’s where my heart is, and I think when I’m out of college I want to do something like that, either produce my own music or lead worship in a church,” she said.

Emma is unlike many individuals who seek to make singing their profession. She desires to make Christ known, not herself. 

In the context of the chapel band, Emma is able to sing in front of a large crowd but not call attention to her performance. This campus role has prepared her for a future career in music ministry.

“That’s what I think my job on the chapel band is – showing them Christ, and pointing them to Christ. I love singing, and I love doing it for the Lord so I want to serve in that way,” Emma said.

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