Comm. Dept. Winterim brings students together from various majors

By Danielle Gallegos, Staff Writer

While the Winterim production usually calls for communication students, specifically ones with the emphasis in Cinema and Digital Arts, according to professor Matt Green, the Winterim production is open to students of all majors. 

This was the case for senior Alyssa Fraley, who is a music major with an emphasis in vocal performance. 

Fraley has had an interest in audio tech and has taken most of the audio classes on campus. 

“I didn’t realize my interest in audio tech until it was too late to change my major and graduate later,” she said.  

Fraley just recently finished an internship in post-production audio and wanted to be a part of the winterim to gain more experience as well as get IMDB credit. 

While being a music major is not too far off from joining the Winterim production, some majors may seem more distant. For example, biology or geoscience.

However, the Winterim production is a great opportunity for students to see if this or something similar is a thing they would want to do either long or short term. 

This was the case for freshman and geoscience major Lilly Underwood. Underwood loves geoscience because of the research side but also loves the cinematography side due to its creativity. For Winterim 2022, Underwood helped with the set design. 

“I’m not really sure what I want to do but that’s why I’m doing Winterim, to help me figure it out,” Underwood said. 

Another non communication student taking Winterim in 2022 was Addie Moberg. Moberg is a freshman double majoring in pre-nursing and classical liberal arts. 

Moberg has done theatre since she was young, loves photography and has an interest in cinematography but not as a full career. 

“Since this wasn’t during the year I thought it would be a perfect time to do something cool like this outside both of my majors” said Moberg. 

Moberg’s job on set is to capture the behind-the–scenes footage – to tell the story of what’s going on behind the camera. 

“I get to work behind the scenes and just get to go around and see each part of the project and how it all comes together,” said Moberg.

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