A first look at our new library – by Eliza-Joy Nesheim

The long-awaited opening of the library is here and we are so excited to cut the ribbon at the end of this month. The renovated library is going to feature a new structure and give more of a modern look to the timeless books it holds.

One of the new features is study rooms that can be reserved for windows of time, designed to keep sound and distractions out and productivity in. These rooms can be utilized for personal use as well as group project work so that students are free to converse without bothering others.

The library has received a large number of donated books in over the course of the remodeling, and those new additions will be on display after the remodel.

Another great addition to the library that we are excited to put to use is the new outside courtyard area that can be used for a more casual study area. The space will offer more space to get some fresh air without being tucked away in the corners of the lower cafeteria.

Many students have been aching for a quiet place to get work done and are anxious to see these doors open. Thanks to the donors of The Master’s University, the library will now offer a space to study, get work done and study for finals when we come back from thanksgiving break.

Students now have a new place to study together, as well as simply enjoying each other’s company.

Sophomore Lily Underwood, who has also caught a glimpse of the library’s interior, believes the renovation will create a positive experience for the TMU community.

“I really like it,” she said. “It feels more open and lively. I saw the conference rooms and they look really nice. Last year I didn’t really want to go into the library, but this year I wouldn’t mind.”

New study spaces

The library is one of many improvements on campus in the past 18-24 months – each intended to improve both social and academic life for students, faculty and staff.

Though the landscaping in this area has always been complementary to the campus, it hasn’t been conducive to student use.

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