Building projects lift campus mood – By Faith Wismer

The Master’s University has enjoyed a beautiful campus since its earliest days. There are many places for students to spend time and do homework, both inside and outside. However, due to COVID, many of these places have been shut down, limiting the areas students can spend their time being studious or hanging out with friends.

Though things have begun to open around campus, TMU has decided to undergo various construction  projects to better student life and to enhance the beauty of the campus. These projects have occurred  for most of the 2020-21 school year.

TMU has taken away some tennis courts and replaced them with distinguished and exemplary sand volleyball courts and as students returned to campus in the fall of 2020, they were pleasantly surprised. Since making this change, there are many students who spend time there, competing against one another. There has also been an addition of a beach volleyball team at TMU and this gives them a place to practice their skills.

Another addition TMU has made are two fire pits for the dorms located outside Dixon and Slight. These spaces have opened up more opportunities for students to engage in social activity. Since being finished, there have already been many activities taking place at these pits.

Brianna Leach, a junior at TMU, gave input on the benefit these fire pits will have on student life. “It is a good place to gather together for fellowship and a good time, Leach commented.

“You can use them during any time of the day, in any weather. It also opens more opportunities to meet new people,” she said.

These fire pits have a beautiful finish and contain lots of seating for students. The area surrounding the fire pits have been greatly improved, adding to the beauty of the dorms.

There are two unfinished projects currently in progress as well. the first being the university pool. The pool has been closed off to all the students for the entirety of the year. It is unknown when the pool will be reopened, but students hold on to excitement as the pool is being refurbished and updated.

The other project currently in progress is the refurbishment  of the “under the oaks” area. This project has been ongoing during most, if not all, of the spring semester. Though the landscaping in this area has always been complementary to the campus, it hasn’t been conducive to student use. 

There was not much for students to do there and hardly any seating, making it a not-so-popular spot within the TMU community. Therefore, TMU decided to completely reconstruct the area, adding a new structure which will contain tons of room for students to study together, as well as simply enjoying each other’s company. 

Senior Alyssa Kim weighed in on the excitement of the campus’ big   addition. 

“I am excited for the new under the oaks area,” Kim stated. “I feel kind of sad that since it’s my last semester I won’t really get the chance to use it, but I think it will be really nice for future students who come to Master’s. I also think that the space will be utilized a lot more since there wasn’t much seating before.” 

Since there have been multiple construction projects around the TMU campus students can now enjoy these new additions and look forward to what else is to come.

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