The big cope: COVID-19 and the university student – by Faith Wismer

The Master’s University is one of the few universities across the nation that decided to keep their doors open for the 2020-2021 school year. Though it is a blessing to the faculty, staff and students to be a part of the university in person, enduring this year has been a challenge; many restrictions were placed around the university. Students have been limited as to what they are able to do on campus.

Jared Burbidge, a senior, weighs in on the differences and difficulties this year has encompassed. 

“This year has been really different than my last three at Master’s. COVID has definitely put a damper on things since there are so many restrictions,” he said. “Things around campus have been closed and for the longest time, we weren’t even allowed to go to any sports events. Having all of these restrictions has also been hard since it is my senior year, but I’m trying to make the most of it as much as I can.”

Campus life experience has been greatly affected by the restrictions. Senior Alyssa Kim is staying positive as she keeps herself busy despite the circumstances. 

“I have been able to get closer with a lot of people since things are limited, which is honestly such a blessing in disguise,” she said. “I definitely go out more and do things outside since all the indoor activities have been closed,” she said. “I’ve been going to a lot of coffee shops and walking around LA as well as other places in Cali to keep myself busy during this year.” 

Bekah Jackson, a junior, says that she has not allowed COVID to affect her joy and claims that she has remained “positive about quarantine.” Being unable to eat in the university cafeteria may be very upsetting to many students, due to the fact that it is where many would socialize. 

“We have gotten really great at coming up with creative places to eat our food considering we can’t eat in or outdoors at places, so that’s a really fun adventure,” Jackson said. 

The future of COVID-19 is unknown to all as it continues to disrupt the lives of students and staff members. Jackson states that she is, “hoping that by next year we are totally open again and can have events like Fall Fair and The Monty’s and can actually eat in the caf.” 

“Who knew that there would be a time where we would say, ‘woah remember when we used to eat inside?’” she added. 

Jackson is not the only hopeful one. 

“I hope things start to open up again with COVID-19,” said Lance Lozada, a sophomore. “I hope no more people get infected and things can slowly start going back to normal. I’m looking forward to having dorm events and in-person classes again!”

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