Dorm life goes on for RDs, even during lockdown


Sergio Arechiga, RD of Waldock, has had plenty keeping him busy while maintaining his responsibilities as an RD.

Arianna Sonnenburg, Staff Writer

Believe it or not, dorm Life is still happening in the Halls of Dixon, Waldock, Sweazy, Slight, CDub and Hotchkiss – it just looks a lot different nowadays.

Though devoid of most of their residents, the dormitories do not remain untouched. There are those who still live there, taking care of students’ home away from home while they are gone for a little while.

These are the brave warriors we call resident directors (RDs). While they were not uprooted from their homes as violently as students were, they have undergone serious change and are facing challenges. Their jobs were flipped upside down and as Sergio Arechiga, RD of Waldock, so simply put it, “It’s difficult being a resident director when there are no residents.”

So what have they been doing with this lack of residents? Jessica Rosenbaum, women’s RD of Hotchkiss, shared her thoughts about how she’s staying productive the past month and a half. Aside from her usual RD responsibilities, she’s been up to quite a few fun things.

“I try to do a little project each day,” Rosenbaum said. “It’s just good to stay busy.” She went on to talk about her recent woodworking project, some online photography classes, and her new scrapbooking endeavors.

“I have four nieces and I try to FaceTime them as often as I can,” she said.

Arechiga has been keeping busy as well. His social media presence has been a great tool for the guys in Waldock to stay connected and, “remember that they’re thought of and cared for,” as Arechiga put it.

He has three weekly installments on Instagram called Tuesday Tunes, Wednesday Word and Forward Friday. These are all uniquely designed to “connect students to one another,” and to “communicate care and love and just thoughtfulness for another human being,” Arechiga says.

He shares music and playlists on Tuesdays, posts a word of encouragement from the dorm staff on Wednesdays, and motivates the guys to pass around bits of Scripture and truth on Forward Fridays.

The RDs work consists of an innumerable responsibilities for which students are deeply grateful. Two of them are maintaining relationships with students and carrying out administrative duties. Both Arechiga and Rosenbaum have found the administrative work to be one of the few responsibilities that have stayed the same since the students left. Even though there are no students in the dorms, the RDs still must collect keys, make sure everyone has cleaned out their rooms, and hold down the fort as they do so well.

For example, Rosenbaum says, she’s been “making sure rooms are empty, reaching out to people that need to come back, helping them brainstorm ways that they can get their stuff.” She also says, “I’ve inventoried some rooms like where a girl can’t remember what she left so I go down and take photos or I’ll describe what’s down there. I’ve done that a few times.”

Arechiga says, “It’s weird trying to still do somewhat of the old routine in the context of the uncertain and unpredictable.”

Arechiga also shared some of what he’s been learning in the past few weeks. “Jesus says, ‘Be anxious for nothing,’ and I’m gonna work hard because of Jesus… because of Jesus I can… I’m not working for me to be affirmed or accepted. I’m laboring to run to Jesus with my weakness and know that what he’s given me today is what he wants me to trust him with.”