TMU’s Copley, a kidney transplant recipient, faces unique challenges in a Covid-19 world


Anna Copley

TMU's Anna Copley trusting God during the Covid-19 quarantine

Danielle Gallegos, Features Editor

The pandemic surrounding us also known as Covid – 19 has had much of an effect on us and the way we live. More specifically those who have underlying conditions. 

The Master’s University student Anna Copley is one of those people who fall into that category. Copley is a sophomore who lived in Sweazy Hall her first year. 

Copley was involved in many things on campus such as the Opera Workshop and the Theatre Program. She was known amongst students by the various photos she had taken around campus, whether it was for students or theatre or the school paper. 

The summer in between her freshman and sophomore year at TMU she had made the difficult decision to not return to school for the next year of Fall 2019 due to her underlying condition. 

At the age of 9 and being only in the third grade Copley was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease and has been on dialysis before while also receiving a transplant. 

Being only in the third grade Copley says it did not affect her much due to the fact that she was too young to understand what was happening. The biggest change she had to endure at the time due to her kidney was changing her diet for her kidney.

“I didn’t really understand much when I was first diagnosed because I was so young,” Copley says.

Another change Copley has had to overcome has been the pandemic. Due to Covid – 19, Copley says she is locked down having little contact with people also due to being immunosuppressed. Copley is also not allowed to go to her kidney appointments. They all have to take place over the phone.

Before Covid – 19, Copley was taking online classes through TMU and was working at a local coffee shop near her home in Spokane, Wash.

While under lockdown, she has been able to keep herself entertained and has been by playing music and learning the game mandolin and reading books. She has facetime with friends and family. Her Bible study has also taken place by what many people are using which is Zoom. 

“I have become more progressively thankful for technology and for the ability to talk to people because that has been very helpful during all of this,” Copley explains. 

Several ways Copley is keeping herself healthy during this time specifically is by taking her temperature everyday, staying away from people, and eating healthy. 

Copley has also felt anxiety during this time due to the pandemic and with her kidney. 

“Anxiety is something I have struggled with my whole life and with many different things. Even as a child I was an anxious kid and I was reminded of  Psalm 56. 

During this time Copley has remembered James 1:2-4 through her times of anxiousness and loneliness as well Psalm 56 to help her cope during this time of uncertainty.  

“When you look at the world and the things happening in the world and you filter them through absolute truth it completely changes the way they impact you,” Copley says.