TMU’s Cho turning screenplay into short film


Marilyn Cho

TMU seniors Micaiah Christopher (left) andRuth Hanthorn (right) on the set of "Lady Luck."

Dani Gallegos

Marilyn Cho
TMU seniors Micaiah Christopher (left) and Ruth Hanthorn (right) on the set of “Lady Luck.”

The Master’s University (TMU) junior Marilyn Cho, a communication major with a cinema and digital arts (CDA) emphasis, is working with fellow communication major, Kamryn Beck, to produce the short film titled “Lady Luck.”  

Cho and Beck co-wrote the script in professor Matt Green’s screenwriting 1 course during the fall 2019 semester. Once the project was completed, Cho made the decision to take the next step and see if she could actually produce it. The first obstacle she faced was that Beck would be at IBEX in the spring, but that didn’t stop her.

Over winter break Cho took part in TMU’s feature film production, “The Man from Nowhere,” and used the opportunity to ask other TMU students if they wanted to be a part of making “Lady Luck.” 

One of the many students who came alongside Cho to bring her story to life was senior Micaiah Christopher, who had played the main character. 

Before doing this short film, Christopher had done drama in high school and was a part of the “Northanger Abbey” play at TMU during his freshman year. 

“The atmosphere on set was very supportive and it was amazing watching Marilyn bring her story to life and watch everyone put so much work into for something they are not getting paid for,” Christopher said.

Another student who was a part of this film was senior Ruth Hawthorne, also a communication major with a CDA emphasis. Hanthorn assumed several roles on set. She was the assistant to the director of photography, the first assistant camera and location manager.  

“What’s cool about getting your friends to help you such as other students on campus is that they are there to help because they love you. They are there to help make it happen,” Hanthorn said. “It was so much fun, I love working with Marilyn. I hope I can work with her again as well as the crew and learn so much on set and I’m excited to see the final product.”

According to Cho, “Lady Luck” is not a faith film. The main character finds a magic penny which shows him a vision of a small glimpse of the future and becomes addicted to it and the film shows how he goes through the whole process. 

“We wanted the film to connect,” Cho explained. “We wanted to make it easier to film since we have a low budget and are only in college.”