The Undoing of Bradley Gregg

Ketty Totemeir, Staff Writer

A headshot of Bradley Gregg

As The Master’s University is creating its first-ever feature film titled, “The Man from

Nowhere,” this Christian school has a unique opportunity to choose fellow believers in the

industry to work with them.

One of the actors showcased in the film is Hollywood veteran Bradley Gregg. Gregg also played

prominent roles in a pair of 2015 TMU short film productions: “Life of Death” and “Murder of


“I started out with acting… I was what they call a ‘latch key kid’… my mom and dad broke up—

my dad left, so I was raised by a single mother in LA, and was often taking care of my brother,

and kind of taking care of my mom too,” Gregg said. “My mom’s sister was in the record

industry… and saw that bent in me, so she kind of nurtured that, and she would take me to like

premiers of the movies when I was really young, and that was therapeutic to me, going through

what I went through as a child.”

Over time, Gregg grew in love and knowledge of the film industry, and he found a role in his

first film.

“My first film was a film called ‘Explorers’, and I was bully number 2, so I really came out of

the gate as a bad guy, and then I did ‘Stand By Me’… and I was a bully again.”

Gregg became flexible and capable of many roles.

“I took a lot for granted when I was younger about the range and the different genres, and you

know, like being able to do a comedy on television but also like a serious drama.”

In his search for purpose, Gregg realized that the Lord, “wired me this way to be an artist, I know

that, and a storyteller, that’s really all I can do. I was finding my identity in that.”

A turning point in his life was when his fellow actor and best friend died.

“I call it my undoing… so all these different things were kind of coming in clear to me,” Gregg

said. “You know, like ‘oh wow, how am I supposed to be a father? How am I supposed to be a

husband?’ “I was finding that approval in man. I was looking for that approval in man, looking

for the love of my father, because my father left.”

As Gregg returns to the film industry as a believer, he realizes the advantages he had as a child.

“I took for granted how blessed I was as far as worldly success, as far as the success in this

difficult industry,” Gregg said. “So coming back to it, it has been interesting, it has been very

challenging to get back to it, but also there is a different motive, so in a way… all the glamour

and all the things that the world puts around us— celebrities and actors and musicians and everything, once that’s removed, it’s kind of like, ‘wow, what’s the point?’”

Working on this specific film with a lot of student involvement, Gregg finds the dynamic


“This is a really interesting project where they are making a film in a Christian school, and

teaching and using the students who are growing in their talents and everything to actually walk

through this and do this; it is a really interesting, way more important way to make a film.”

After being saved, Gregg’s perspective on his career has completely changed.

“It’s not really about the film itself, it’s about the relationships in the day to day, and the

moments that God has me there, so therefore my identity is in Christ and doing what I do … It’s a sweet spot to be in where it’s completely dependent on God, completely having to have faith,

and go okay, ‘well what’s next as an artist?’”