TMU Chorale featured on new Matt Redman album “Let There Be Wonder”

Camille Torrente, A&E Editor

Matt Redman conducts The Chorale

The TMU Chorale sang on Matt Redman’s latest album, “Let There Be Wonder” this past fall.

Redman’s album was released on Jan. 31, 2020, and the Chorale was featured on the songs “King Jesus,” “All Praise,” and “Send Me Lord.”

“It’s a really cool opportunity,” said Anna Martin, the music marketing and assistant for the school of music. “A lot of us grew up singing 10,000 Reasons, so it’s really cool seeing the chorale students being a part of his music when so many of them have been impacted by it.”

Dr. Paul Plew, the Chorale director, says this opportunity came after they performed at the Getty Christmas Concert in 2018.

“Matt Redman came running up to us and, I say this humbly, but he said ‘the chorale was the best musical thing that happened tonight,’” Dr. Plew said. “I don’t know that it was the best, but it was the most unique of the night, and it could be the best time the chorale sang that song. So he told me ‘sometime, we have to do something together.’”

That collaboration came to fruition the next year, in the last half of 2019.

“Early this fall, I got a call from Matt Redman,” Dr. Plew said. “He said he was doing a recording, and he would like the chorale to be a backup choir. So, I said, well, sure, let’s go for it.”

Redman brought a conductor, writer, and arranger from Nashville to The Master’s University, and they recorded with the Chorale in the Music Recital Hall.

“He was very encouraging, and after the recording time he stayed around and allowed students to take pictures with him, and signed autographs,” Dr. Plew said. “It was a great experience for the students. I think Matt Redman is really high on the charts as far as being known, but he’s a humble man.”

Redman is scheduled to lead chapel on February 21, so all TMU students can have a chance to see him. But for Chorale students, the experience they had during recording was special.

“It was such a blessing from God,” said Michael Museler, a freshman music major. “Getting to meet Matt himself and getting to talk to the writers and the producers was probably the biggest inspiration of my year.”

Being on Matt Redman’s album was an accomplishment for the chorale, but Dr. Plew also sees it as an opportunity for growth.

“I’m sitting here saying, so what’s next? What else does the Lord have in store? So whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability, and work hard,” Dr. Plew said. “The Lord will use many other things to guide you and to pave the way for you because he has plans for every one of his children. And we don’t know what the Lord is using to mold us.”