Johnny Nah giving all glory to God in new single/album

Alejandro Alcala Jr., Staff Writer

Johnny Nah performs on stage during chapel

Jonathan Nah, a senior and chapel band leader of The Master’s University, has released his first single “All Glory Be To Christ” on all major streaming platforms.  This is his first ever major music work to go public.

Nah has attempted to work on a “Joe Keller EP” but says the plans for that fell through. However, the experience he gained from the EP was helpful for this single. Each song of this album took about a month. He only worked on the songs after he was done with other responsibilities.

“Chapel band and accounting is a lot” Nah said.

The album and songs are being promoted mostly on his Instagram and Facebook pages. Nah is also using the “pre-save” feature where people can listen to his second song two days before it is officially released.

These songs were made by several different people. It took five people to put together “All Glory Be To Christ” and his second single, “Abide With Me,” only features one other person. However, Nah hopes that changes if his music career grows and becomes bigger.

“I am hoping I can do more collabs with more people,” Nah said.

It is not a secret that Nah is a talented person. He can play many instruments. He played the acoustic guitar, bass guitar, vocals, synthesizer and a program to create the drum beats. Not many people can sit down and make all the music in their songs.

Nah hopes to make more music, but he also wants to see where this album leads. Although he is focusing his time on accounting, he would love to make music for as long as he can.

“Hopefully by the end of the year I can release a full album,” Nah said. “Just worship music because of the impact it can make on me. It is a crazy learning experience.”

There is no official tracklist for the future album yet. Nah states that he is just “choosing as it goes.”

“I hope it can reach a lot of other people for the sake ofencouragement,” Nah said. “For now, I’m just happy with it reaching the people of Masters and Newhall.”

Ethan Gentry, junior and a member of Chapel Band is excited about Nah’s new music.

“He took a song that I [know] well and gave it his own twist” Gentry said.

Casey Schlagel, a sophomore marketing media major, was pleased with his song and thought that “it was greatly promoted throughout Masters.” Students like Gentry and Schlagel hope that Nah continues to pursue his passion for music.

“Master’s is all about creating and developing relationships with each other and Christ. His music is just one way that shows how at Master’s we can pursue a career and do it while giving God the glory” Schlagel said.

And for Johnny Nah, that’s his ultimate goal.

“I just hope that people can worship with it,” Nah said. “I want more songs pointed towards Christ. It is about him more than it is about me.”