Dr. Sam Horn unanimously elected new TMU President

Kinsley Lively, News Editor

Dr. Sam Horn, TMU’s new President

For the first time in nearly four decades, The Master’s University will have a new full-time (non-interim) President. Dr. Sam Horn received the unanimous approval of the TMUS Board of Directors on Feb. 7. Dr. Horn, the University’s ninth President, will assume the presidency in June.
Dr. Horn will take the mantle from interim president, Dr. John Stead, who assumed the role when longtime-President, Dr. John MacArthur transitioned into the role of Chancellor Emeritus in July of 2019.
“Last fall, Jim Barnes, the External Consultant for the presidential search, came and interviewed the faculty. He asked us what we wanted to see in a new president. I said, “‘We want a person that defends our doctrinal statement, provides stability in our administration and allows us to keep doing what we’ve been doing (making a positive impact in our students for Christ) all these years,” said Associate Professor of English, Jo Suzuki., “I’m hopeful that we’ve found the person to do just that.”
Dr. Horn is currently working for the BJU administrative team as Vice-President for Ministerial Advancement. He has been there since 2015.
Dr. Paul Plew, Dean of the School of Music, says, “I would say the thought of Dr. Sam Horn coming as President, it was in God’s mind before the foundations of time. He knew the kind of person we needed after someone like Dr. John MacArthur who had been president for 35 years.” Dr. Plew continues, “He knew we needed a man who was talented; an academician, a preacher, someone who knew marketing, a visionary, and a people person. I would say that we are just ecstatic to see how God provided.”
According to TMU’s website, Dr. Horn has a vast knowledge of academic administration and he has mainly spent his life working in higher education. During his time at BJU, enrollment did very well in both the undergraduate level and at the seminary. He began in 2015 and assisted the school in achieving regional accreditation.
“I am very excited about the new president, especially after meeting him because I didn’t know who he was,” said Dwight Ham, Chair of the Business Department. “I found him to be very friendly, have a good sense of humor but also have a vision for the school. I think his method of leadership will be very well received because he’s going to take the time to understand the culture, and how the school operates before he tries to have input.”
While working at BJU, Dr. Horn was able to influence the start of reestablishing many relationships with alumni, donors, and churches around the country. Horn also grasps the importance of a liberal arts education in the lens of a biblical worldview.
Dr. Kurt Hild, Transfer Articulation Coordinator, said, “I don’t know him other than what I have been told. However, I’m very, very hopeful because I trust that the Lord has directed our leadership to pursue the individual that would best be suited to move into a new generation of faculty.
“Also, into a new era of the 21st century that we need to adapt to for developing our students in a new time. I’m prayerful that he will help us preserve and maintain the intellectual, but especially the spiritual integrity that we have sought to pursue in all the years that this institution has existed.”
According to the TMU website, Dr. Horn has a pastor’s heart and is very passionate about connecting students with local churches.
“I’m hopeful that Dr. Horn is able to make the transition from someone who is as beloved among us as Dr. MacArthur is, and be able then to move us into the next generation for the history of The Master’s University,” Dr. Hild said.
Based on his social media, Dr. Horn seems really involved with student life and apparently has a desire to continue that involvement at TMU. According to the TMU website, Dr. Horn encouraged a discipleship-based community and involvement in the local church within the campus.
Valerie Acosta, Regional Admissions Counselor, says, “I feel really excited. It’s change and I think it’s a good change. It’s great that we’re going to have a full-time president where they’re fully dedicated to this institution. He’s very much a man for the students he wants to be a part of the student’s lives. So, I think that’s going to be a great addition to what the school’s culture is. It’s cool to have the intentional community that we so much long for.”
Dr. Horn has a BA in Bible, an MA in Bible and a Ph.D. in New Testament interpretation from Bob Jones University. Dr. Horn finished his Doctor of Ministry degree at The Master’s Seminary in 2007.
“He believes in the inerrancy of Scripture. He understands what the school is about, and he is going to build on that. He’s not going to try to change that focus.” Dr. Ham continues, “That’s very important for me as a professor here at this school and also as somebody who supports the school as well; the school maintains its purpose, and it’s calling that we believe God has given for this university. And I think this new president will uphold that.”