Getting “crafty” on set


Ketty Totemeier

According to Cynthia Sass in her article on snacking, Americans can attribute 25 percent of their calorie intake to snacking. Similar to coffee, snacking has become a trendy addiction in the daily life of most Americans.

Things are no different on the set for the movie A Man From Nowhere a feature film that many students from The Master’s University (TMU) in Santa Clarita are assisting in creating.

Victor DeMayo, a member of the content marketing team says, “They give you a variety of snacks and drinks … gotta go for Twix every time… It definitely gives you a break from the daily struggles.”

Another member of this team, Jill Nunez explains, “I think since I did the Winterim film class last semester, I think there’s a lot more of a variety of foods this semester, and I want to say the food is fancier as well.”

All would agree that, as they call it, the craft services are a crucial element to being on set. It not only satisfies cravings, gives a break from the hard work, and is full of lots of options, but this table acts as a place of fellowship— a way to commune with friends all working on the same film.

It also provides a practical way to serve. If you are on a crew and looking to make connections with a producer or a big time actor, the easiest way to do so would be to provide them with a bag of their favorite chips and a water bottle pre-customized with their initials “Sharpied” on the transparent twist-off cap.

Production assistant, Hungary Kazar helps set up the crafty every day. She even came up with a little rhyme, “I love the Cheetos, the Doritos, the Fritos.”

“It brings people in, and it fills their hungry bellies… as my name goes, people love food and drink, and I love serving people,” Kazar says.