Chasing the dream: Actor Seth Bowling’s journey brings him back to TMU


Ketty Totemeier

Actor Seth Bowling, right, is working alongside writer/director Matt Green, left, on another production - this time a feature film titled The Man from Nowhere.

Ketty Totemeier

At one point, every child has probably dreamed about being famous, be that as a musician, a quarterback or a movie star. But how do you get there? Who makes it?

Seth Bowling, who is playing a lead role in The Master University’s (TMU) feature film, The Man From Nowhere, traces the beginning of his career in acting to a bad injury he got while playing soccer.

“I was sitting on my bed, and I was like, ‘Well, you know, if I’m never going to play soccer again, what else do I want to do? Acting might be pretty fun,’” Bowling says.

Next, Bowling, a TMU graduate, went online to do some research about acting. What he found was a path.

“I realized it was actually like a career you could follow, I didn’t know that,” Bowling says. “I thought it was one of those things where somebody comes up to you and just, you know, grabs you at a coffee shop and says, ‘Hey you look good, let me put you in my movie’ and so I end up signing up with this agency that ended up being a scam.”

Then, he got in the car and drove from northern California to Los Angeles – all along chasing a scam agency.

“I had no concept of what was real acting or not, and so I just got in my car and drove … all I knew was that I was going to be in front of a camera,” he says.

After doing some work on a student film for San Francisco State and a few other jobs, Bowling decided to move to Los Angeles full time.

“[TMU communication professor] Matt [Green] called me a few months ago,” Bowling says. “I just got done working on another feature … I read [the script], and I really was attracted to it immediately.”

Bowling previously played the role of cowboy actor Fred Rogers in TMU’s 2018 film noir short film titled A Hard Gamble, which Green also directed.

“Seth has a natural likeability on camera,” Green says. “He has an ease about him that some people have to work at and it just comes naturally to him. I love that he’s willing to get in there and play around – to improvise and just see where a scene takes him.”

Now, Bowling is working with Green again, playing the lead role of Jake in The Man From Nowhere. Jake is a dynamic character who puts up a lot of walls, and throughout the movie he begins to take down some of those walls and become more vulnerable. It is a father-son redemption story in which Jake is the son.

“Jake actually really cares about his dad and loves his dad and misses his dad, and so there’s this constant juxtaposition between I love my dad, I hate my dad, I’m scared my dad is going to hurt me again,” Bowling says.

The film carries a message of faith, which is important to Bowling, who has made his faith central to his work.

“Whether I’m acting or I’m doing stunts or I’m running the camera, I think my responsibility and who God calls me to be doesn’t really change, and that standard I have to live up to,” he says.

Bowling, who is represented by the Littman Talent Group in Los Angeles, has garnered 11 acting credits (not counting his current role) in film and television according to He has also landed roles in a handful of plays.

His dreams, it seems, are becoming reality.