“Man from Nowhere” tackles father/son story with a twist

Dani Gallegos

Lights! Camera! Action! Is what the cast and crew heard when they started shooting on the first feature film at The Master’s University (TMU).

The TMU Communication Department is known for its shorts films such as Hard Gamble, Drift and The Lunch Rush, which were produced and directed by communication professor Matt Green.

Over Christmas break the communication department began working on its biggest project yet and first feature film, The Man from Nowhere

The film is about a father and son with a rocky relationship. More to the point, at the start of the story they have no relationship at all. The story follows the pair as they begin to rebuild their relationship through series of curious and intriguing events. The father is a famous and prolific author (think Louis L’Amour), and his latest book is aimed at delivering a message to his estranged son. Complications ensue as the story toggles between the fictional world of the novel and real life.

This feature film represents a major project on campus, involving several departments such as a production team, a marketing team and the school’s journalism department.

Students are getting real-life experience, working in departments like sound, camera, production, grip, art, makeup/hair and wardrobe; each student has a role to play in the film.

The marketing team is working with Green to help promote the film, with an eye to seeing the film distributed either in theaters or through one of the streaming platforms now available.

According to TMU adjunct professor Matt Frields, who is leading a team of marketing majors who are promoting the film, one of the goals is for students to acquire real film production experience.

Frields’ team is marketing the film through social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, as well as a dedicated website. The website will feature primary information on the production and eventually house a trailer. It will also include information about the characters and the film’s story line.

Another course attached to the production is Journalism Immersion, which is being overseen by Dr. Bob Dickson, chair of TMU’s Communication Department. Students enrolled in this course are embedded with the production and are writing daily articles about what was happening on sets as well as features about the different departments of the cast and crew.

These articles, once edited, are then handed off to Frields and his marketing team to help promote the feature film.