Super Bowl Parties: From the Student’s Outlook


Will Caylor

As the final seconds of Super Bowl 53 tick away, several students from the halls of Waldock left the building running across campus, jubilant that Tom Brady will be getting another Super Bowl ring.

New England will continue to be the team to beat next season, but the real takeaway was what TMU students did during that Sunday afternoon.

“It’s a great time to watch a legendary game between two teams.” said Johnny Nah, a resident of Hotchkiss Hall.

These two teams were the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams. It was only the second time the Rams have ever made it to the Super Bowl.

It was also the second time these two teams met in Super Bowl history. The last time they met was 18 years ago, when the Patriots won that game 20-17, this time around The Patriots won 13-3, which would be credited as the lowest scoring game in Super Bowl history.

Slight, Waldock, and C Dub each held a viewing party to cheer on their respective teams.

“It’s a really great social event,”Arianna Sonnenburg of Dixon said. “It’s a lot of fun spending time with the people you want to hang out with. It’s an opportunity to learn more about something that you don’t know about, like football”.

Some students took that time to watch the game, others came just for the fellowship.

“I love watching football,” said Alexa Moses, one the residents from Sweazy who watched the game in Slight. “The fellowship and the game itself—there’s so much action. The competitiveness between both sides and cheering against other teams makes it so much fun.”

Some people come for completely different reasons.

“I’m not a big sports guy,” Slight resident Nick DeTarr said. “I just came for the ads.”

Whatever the perspective a student takes to the Super Bowl parties—from the game, to the ads, to the food—students enjoy spending time watching football.

“It’s a game that has culminated at the end of the season,” C Dub resident Peter Basolo said. “It’s substantial for many Americans, not only just for the sports aspect, but for the social activity too.”