Safety First!


Photo provided by Chris Powell

The Campus Safety Symbol

Danielle Gallegos

Every year at the beginning of October, Campus Security is required to produce an Annual Campus Safety Report.

The Clery Act requires schools to publish the Annual Campus Safety Report every year. The report must include certain policies and crime statistics.

The Annual Report was written in the office of the Campus Security Director, Chris Powell. It is based on the Clery handbook, which serves as a regulation manual for The Master’s University in following the Clery Act’s policies.

“I’ve been the director here since 2008 and put out my first report as Director that year,” Chris Powell said. Powell is designated as the official Clery compliance administrator.

The Clery Act is a law named after a young woman, Jeanne Clery who was murdered at Lehigh University, the school she was attending at the time.

Clery was murdered in her dorm in 1986, by a man named Joseph Henry, after leaving her room unlocked for her roommate, who had forgotten her key. Henry was in the process of robbing Clery when she woke up from her sleep, and he kill her.

After Clery was found murdered in her dorm, her parents were convinced their daughter died due to a lack of security on campus, and they had not been fully informed of all the crime taking place on the campus.

Campus Security keeps a crime log located on its web page (, called the Daily Crime and Fire Log. If there is any crime reported to Campus Security, it is updated on the document.

“Campus Safety is super important to the student body, and they want to be helpful,” Ruthie Rogers, a freshman majoring in education, said. “They are not there to get people in trouble. They’re not the bad guys. They’re the good guys.”

Every fall semester, the President’s office will send out an email saying the report has come out, but some students do not look at it.

“I don’t feel like the students pay much attention to the report,” Powell said. “The President’s office will send an email out every October, ‘Hey, the annual security report is out. Here is a direct link.’”

The 2018 Campus Safety Report contains matters such as Counselor and Confidential Crime reporting, showing that all crimes on campus are investigated and go through the Campus Safety Department.

Another important issue the report contains is fire safety training and education programs provided to students and employees.

“I’m happy that the RA’s and RD’s have training, especially for a fire,” Suzie Gill, a freshman majoring in Bible, said. “It makes me feel safe and secure in my own dorm.”

This report contains important information for students and their parents—things like what to do if there’s a fire or if emergency responders come to campus. The report creates awareness for students and faculty and gives parents peace of mind.