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The Master's University Alumni House

Jonathan Salomon

The updated way alumni can connect

New features provide new opportunities for students and alumni

November 8, 2018

TMU’s Alumni Connection is pretty much the same as it has been in the past but with a few new upgrades and features.

For the last four years, TMU has had an online alumni community that could be accessed through Master’s website. Previously, the alumni community was difficult to locate, but now it is easier to find.

“People’s experiences online are a lot better than before,” Shayna Anderson, the head of the Alumni Association, said.

The Alumni Association provides alumni with a way to stay connected to TMU after they graduate. They can connect to teachers, their classmates, and even students who currently attend TMU.

The new Master’s Connect allows alumni and students to login through Facebook or LinkedIn. If they do not have either of those social media platforms they can use an email and password.

The job board is a key feature on Master’s Connect where Alumni can post jobs or employers can look to hire people who have graduated from TMU. When a company has a job opening, they can post it on the TMU Alumni Connection so alumni have an easy way to look for jobs.

Another new feature is the option for current students to sign up online and already be on Master‘s Connect before they they graduate. This allows students to begin making connections with alumni and begin looking for jobs.

On the website there is also an internship board where students can search for opportunities to grow their skills and get job experience.

Some of the other new features include an alumni needs board. If an alumnus is looking for somewhere to stay overnight, they can post it on the alumni needs board and a fellow alumnus can offer them a place to stay.

The biggest difference on the website is its appearance. The old site was clunky and not intuitive to navigate according to Shayna Anderson.

“I encourage sophomores and juniors to do this early, so they can start making connections,” Allie Rike, a senior majoring in business marketing who has signed up for the Alumni Association, said. “I have not made any yet, but I hope to make some soon.

“A huge advantage for students using on this website is being able to stay connected with alumni,” Shayna Anderson said. “Students are so consumed by their school activities here on campus that they often don’t put much thought into making connections or getting a job after graduation. Students really have to use their time here to really think about getting ready for a job, and Master’s Connect can really help students make those connections for their future job or ministry.”

On the website, there is a mentorship opportunity allowing alumni to connect with students and share with them what life is like after graduation. A mentorship allows students to get connected with Alumni with the same major and begin making connections for jobs and internships.

“Each mentorship is different,” Anderson said. “The best way to do it is having an email exchange and maybe having a cup of coffee together at some point.”

Patrick Steven Carmichael is a TMU alumnus and graduated in 2007 with a major in biblical exposition. After he had graduated, he went into seminary to become a teacher and pastor. Carmichael has recently come back to TMU online to get his doctorate degree in ministry.

“I don’t use the Alumni connector very often, but when I do use it, I use it to keep in touch with some of my old friends like Dr. Varner and to keep updated with what is happening at TMU,” Carmichael said. “If there are students out there from TMU who would let me mentor them, I would love that.”

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