A face lift for the Communication Building


Camille Torrente, A&E Editor

Students may have noticed caution tape and bulldozers around the communication building this past month. That’s because the building, which houses many communication classes, was being renovated.

“We had been planning to do something there for several months,” said Ralph Barosh, Director of Plant Operations at TMU. “It just didn’t work out with all the other work this past summer, so we grabbed the nearest available time where there were a number of days, which was Engage.”

The building houses the communication offices, a classroom, and other rooms with equipment for students to do photoshop, edit videos, and record podcasts. But from the outside, it looks like a home a family would live in.

“It came up for sale probably around ‘85 or ‘86,” Barosh said. “It was a residential house that came up on the market and we nabbed it.”

Due to the age of the building, they decided it was in need of a touch up. Workers renovated the exterior, changing the roof, siding, and entryway of the building. They also paved the parking lot, which was once just a stretch of gravel.

“I’m very excited about a new parking lot,” said Kathryn Unger, the Communications secretary. “I don’t have to get dirt in my shoes!”

Workers also renovated the student bathroom, replacing all the fixtures and giving the room a fresh layer of paint and paneling.

“The mirror is great because it’s a lot bigger,” said Hanna Reis, a junior communication major. “It’s newly painted, and the lock is amazingly better.”

The university still has more renovations in mind for the building. In the future, students may see the front of the building change to suit the style of the buildings on the main campus.

“The plan is to kind of freshen up the exterior,” Barosh said. “We would liven it up the front a bit, make it more presentable.”

These changes won’t happen immediately, though. Work will be halted until students are away.

“The next phase of it would be in the summer if everything works out,” Barosh said. “It’s a plan; it’s not necessarily set in stone.”

Overall, communication students have been happy about the renovation, and look forward to further changes.

“It looks good so far,” said Alessandro Jang, a senior communications major. “I’m glad that my tuition is at work.”