View the U approaches TMU


Photo by Kinsley Lively.

Shantel Cruz, Contributing Writer

The Admissions Office at The Master’s University bustles with activity and anticipation as View Weekend, a.k.a. View the U, quickly approaches.  

Students will arrive from all around the country and stay with a host student at the university from Oct. 25 to Oct. 26, where they will be able to experience what life is like at TMU.

“The school holds this event to give prospective students a more immersive experience,” says Cole Heinzen, an admissions counselor. “Instead of just coming for a day or a personalized tour, you get to see what it’s like to be a student.”.

Sarah Haynes, the Campus Events Manager, says the school purposefully chooses an action packed weekend each semester to hold View Weekend so that prospective students can get the full picture of what campus life is like.  

“Students aren’t necessarily choosing a college because of just good academics anymore,” says Haynes. “They have to experience a whole day here and that experience has to include student life activities.”

This year, the students will have the opportunity to attend chapel, classes, a basketball game, a volleyball game, the fall play, and the Harvest Blend.

“Getting them on campus is a big part of the admissions process,” says Haynes. “It’s really important for them to be able to experience our campus so they can differentiate our campus culture from other schools.”

Registration for View Weekend is opened four months prior to the actual event and costs $40 for the two nights on campus. After registration opens, the school begins to advertise to prospective students or people interested in the school, something that is new this year.

“We communicate with them through email, where they get reminded at least once a week about the event,” says Haynes. “They also get calls from their counselors and regular texts from our system inviting them to View the U. We’ve been reaching out to anyone that has inquired about the school, come for a visit, or checked that they want information from a Christian university.”

This is the one of the largest events of the year for the school, with about 110 “viewees” coming, combined with parents, for a total of almost 200 people.

“I got to see all of the events at Master’s, as well as all of the parts, like sitting in classes, sports, music, and dorm life,” says Taylor Cross, who was a viewee before coming to TMU. “It was seeing all those things that make Master’s what it is.”

To prepare for an event of this size, Haynes says that the Admissions team works with various departments in the school, like Plant Ops to plan and coordinate how they want an event set up as well as food services to plan what snacks they want served. Admissions also works with the Student Life Department, which oversees dorm staff, to plan who will host the “viewees”.

“You get to show someone around and show them what you love about the school and I think that’s more meaningful than the stock stuff that the school shows you,” says Katy Beth Unger, a former host for View Weekend. “It gives you a real life look at what dorm life and the community is like here.”

Student hosts meet their viewee on Thursday night and help them get settled in the dorm. This year, after viewees settle in, student hosts will take them to the Night of Welcome, put on by Student Activities, before the men’s basketball game against Azusa Pacific University.

Before the game tips off, we will have coffee, snacks, desserts, and games outside the gym to welcome the basketball season,” says Renee Esguerra, Student Activities Coordinator.

On Friday, viewees will attend chapel in the morning, after which they will be able to choose between attending a class or taking a tour of the campus. In the afternoon they will attend an Admissions and Financial Aid Seminar, then an academic department fair where they can see the different majors available to them. In the evening, viewees have the option of attending the Harvest Blend or the fall play.

“You are going to want to be like the people at the school you’re going to,” says Haynes. “Master’s is a greenhouse where you are going to be fed biblically accurate things but not just in the classroom. It’s comprehensive. It’s in the dorms and in student activities. If you want to be like the campus that you see, then you know that you want to go there.”