Dr. MacArthur to transition into new role


Photo by Michael Brown.

Photo by Michael Brown.

Michael Brown, Managing Editor

The board of directors for The Master’s University and Seminary announced Friday that Dr. John MacArthur would begin to transition away from his current role as president and into a new one as chancellor of the university.

“Today, the President and Board of Directors determined that over the coming months, The Master’s University and Seminary will enter a period of transition,” read a statement from the board. “In May 2020, Dr. John MacArthur will continue his involvement in the institution by becoming Chancellor of The Master’s University.”

Dr. MacArthur originally became the president of The Master’s University in 1985, when it was originally known as Los Angeles Baptist College and Seminary. He initially signed on to be president for only five years, but educating young minds for the Gospel ultimately drew him to stay, according to a statement released Monday.

“Class after class, year after year, as new students arrived, I found it impossible to let go of the opportunity to educate their minds and hearts to take the Light of God’s truth into this dark world,” Dr. MacArthur said. “So, I have stayed and loved every day of my service.”

He continued to say that a new president would be found for TMU in the next 18 months. Dr. MacArthur will continue to serve as the president for The Master’s Seminary.

“I rejoice in the 91-year impact of this institution, because of its faithfulness to the Bible, to the glorious Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and His beloved church,” Dr. MacArthur said. “I am confident of the continuing influence of these schools for the kingdom of our Lord and I look forward to continuing to serve The Master’s University and Seminary in the years ahead.”

While some students have expressed confusion about the impact this would have on the university, others reflected on the impact that Dr. MacArthur has had on both the university and their own lives.

“A lot of people come to the university because of him and the impact he’s had on their lives,” communication major Emily Hess said. “I think him stepping down might affect the number of people that come to the school, but it will not diminish the impact he’s had on TMU and the students here. He has put time and money into this university, and I’m so thankful for the time we’ve had him as our president.”

Many have also expressed their optimism for the future of the university.

“John MacArthur has done a bunch of great things for this school, and the Lord will continue to do great things through this school,” said Moriah Pringle, a communication major.

The Master’s University continues to see steady enrollment numbers, with approximately 300 new students coming to the university each year, according to Dariu Dumitru, Director of Admissions for the university.

Dumitru also said that while undergraduate enrollment has remained steady over the past several years, enrollment in online courses has spiked, and graduate programs are also steadily growing, with no signs of that changing.

Dr. MacArthur will continue to serve as the president of the university until May 2020, while a new president is sought out by a search committee.