King Hall welcomes a new Dean of Women


Michael Brown

King Hall, home of Residence Life

Kaitlyn Nickerson, Sports Editor

Update: Oct. 25, 2018 12:46 pm.

Tucked back in the neighborhood of Placerita Canyon, students at TMU attend classes, eat meals, go to chapel, work, make friends, eventually earn their diploma and leave the canyon. While classes and homework prepare the students for work in the world, TMU also emphasizes training the whole person, so they are ready to live a life honoring to the Lord once they graduate.

A key part of this process is Residence Life: all the of the dorm staff, including Wing Assistants (WA’s), Resident Assistance (RA’s), and Resident Directors (RD’s), as well as the Dean of Men and the Dean of Women.

This past August the Dean of Women, Jenn Kintner, announced that she was leaving her role at TMU and moving to Tennessee to work for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. Kintner had served in Residence Life for 10 years.

“Jenn brought a ton. She had been an RA, an administrative assistant to student life, an RD and then she jumped into the Dean role,” Dave Hulet, the Dean of Men, said “At every turn, she was convinced she needed to be in that role.”

While students and staff are excited for Kintner to pursue this new opportunity, many women across campus will miss her.

“Jenn Kintner was very caring and loving, and you just knew that she cared about the people and the girls that were around her,” said Emmy Gaddy, a senior Communications major who had lived in Sweazy Hall while Kintner was an RD. Gaddy also served on Student Leadership Staff during Kintner’s time as Dean.

Betty Price, an associate professor of Biblical Studies at TMU, also talked about Kintner’s success as Dean.

“It’s a very challenging ministry, and Jenn Kintner did an outstanding job,” Price said via email. “I was Women’s Dean and then Associate Dean of Students for a total of 14 years at TMU, and it was the hardest thing I ever did.”

The role of the Dean of Women is hard to nail down, Hulet explained. In general, she is the leader for the women on campus. While she is the leader for all women on campus, her main role is to oversea and give leadership to female students, especially those who live on campus.

The key part is that she’s not just overseeing and reacting to what happens on campus,” said Hulet. “But she is leading through discipling and giving oversight.”

Another component of the role is to oversee the Resident Director’s.

“Jenn had a tremendous impact on me as a not only the Dean of Women (i.e. my boss) but also as a friend and sister in Christ,” Maire Cudd said via email, who became the Sweazy RD after Kintner. “Jenn taught me how to see things from different angles, always giving others the benefit of the doubt and making much of God’s grace.”

However, while that was the role that Kintner performed, the role is actually changing slightly, according to Hulet.

“There’s been a conviction in student life as of late that we can’t take on everything,” Hulet said. “We have to be wise in the way that we partner with the local church and across campus partnerships.”

Kintner, Gaddy explained, had a huge heart for her students and worked hard to make sure the needs of the women on campus were met. However, she recognized that she had a lot on her plate.

“(Kintner) wasn’t, in a sense, always busy,” Gaddy said, pausing to laugh. “But she was always busy.”

Kintner consistently had students coming in and out of her office, and she was responsible for women’s events on campus as well as speaking in split chapel.

For these reasons, Hulet explained that they are working to make both the Dean of Men and the Dean of Women less of counseling positions and more of a place where they would point students to the counselors who were available to them.

“There’s just too many counseling concerns on campus and off campus for us to be one on one with all those kinds of situations,” Hulet said. “We can step in, and we can help, but the way I talk to my team about it is you’re more of the quarterback or the running back to the situation that has to know what to do with the ball and get the ball to the right person.”

Hulet and Harry Walls, the Campus Pastor, have been in the process of looking for a new Dean since August.

“I really am looking for someone who’s passionate about investing in the college aged woman in particular,” Hulet said. “Now it sounds obvious, but I really am looking for someone who almost feels called to the college student, and sees the strategic opportunity to invest there because of how it prepares that woman for life.”

In the meantime, Hulet and the rest of the dorm staff are helping cover all the different responsibilities of the Dean of Women.

“I know I feel the prayers of many supporting this office and me in particular of how to handle a few different jobs right now and in being able to keep the main things the main things,” Hulet said. “I can’t speak highly enough of the female RD’s who are just crushing it right now on that end of things.”

The females RD’s have taken over events like Women to Women, and Betty Price filled in by speaking in split chapel earlier in the semester.

“We’ve definitely felt her absence. It’s left a big hole. However, God’s blessed us with a really awesome team,” Cudd said. “We’ve all learned to rely on one another for encouragement and help. God’s been honored in it.”

However, as of Thursday, Oct. 25, the Dean’s office announced that the new Dean of Women will be Kim Wilson.

Correction: Name changed from Kittner to Kintner