TMU and Westmont pray before a match. (Jonathan Salomon )
TMU and Westmont pray before a match.

Jonathan Salomon

Women’s Volleyball heads into the GSAC

October 10, 2018

TMU’s women’s volleyball team has a perfect record in the Golden State Athletic Conference (GSAC) so far this year and are heading into the final stretch of the season strong.

According to head coach, Allen Vince, the team is well connected to one another this year and that connection may be behind their wins. Vince created a leadership committee of five athletes who work to facilitate and achieve their goals at each practice.

“I have to treat this position as a ministry,” coach Vince said. “Not just as a coach, but teaching my girls that winning isn’t everything.”

Volleyball practice begins at 6 a.m. sharp.

“6 a.m. practices. It’s difficult, and the first thing you do is play volleyball,” Kylie Brown, a junior majoring in marketing media, said.

Women’s volleyball practice lasts for about two hours. Ten minutes before practice starts, they warm up their arms and do a couple of drills.

The first hour of practice consists of drills, hitting and practicing specific skills they need to work on for the game. The last hour is devoted to taking those skills and applying them during a scrimmage.

“I enjoy my team,” Brown said. “We all have great chemistry. We all love one another. Being on a team that just overall loves Christ makes it that much easier to play.”

The women’s volleyball team has played fifteen games this season. They started the season with two tournaments, each with two games, and they played eight games before the academic school year started.

Jonathan Salomon
TMU volleyball celebrates a win.

“Being on team here is super different because I grew up in Alaska,” Emily Grace Williams, a freshman on the Volleyball team, said. “In high school everyone was going on a different path, and here everybody loves the Lord but is also super competitive.”

The team has been practicing together since July 31. The season usually lasts about 13 weeks, or longer if they go to nationals. They started at the beginning of August and will end the beginning of November.

“The atmosphere of the team is super fun, especially because we are winning and really positive,” Brown said. “Last year we had such a tough season, because we had more losses than wins. This year we have more of an attitude that we can do this.”


Ed note. Kaitlyn Nickerson contributed to this article.


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