Intramural Women’s Football Kick’s Off

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Kaitlyn Nickerson, Sports Editor

Changing colors, cooler weather and longer nights usually signals the start of football season, and for the women of TMU, it finally does. Student activities has decided to offer men and women’s intramural football this year.

“It’s basically just like the men’s league,” Daklan Randolph, the intramural coordinator, said. “You got offense with the quarterback and wide receivers with a running back and defense.”

While both leagues will have similar rules, Powderpuff is just for women.

“I’m definitely excited it’s not co-ed,” Jill Freeman, a junior biblical counseling major, said as she was on her way to CrossFit. “I think if it was co-ed, I’d be too intimidated to play.”

Intramural powderpuff actually debuted last year, but there were not enough girls to make a league work.

“We had 20-25 girls, and for a league, that’s really small because usually from the people that sign up you might get 8-10 people that signed up, but their not gonna come every week,” Randolph said. “So 20-25 is really like fifteen.”

However, this year, there are over 40 girls who signed up, and Randolph is planning for the first game to happen this week.

The girls who signed up have a lot of different reasons for wanting to play. Freeman said she was excited to be able to get some time outside. Megan Philips, a sophomore Biblical Counseling major, said she was hoping to use it to stay in shape, meet new people, get a break from schoolwork and possibly use it to deal with some aggression she may have pent up.

“Honestly, I’d have to say it’s pent up, and it stays there,” Phillips said, as she was cramming for a Greek exam. “Especially at times like this when I’m learning Greek. So football is really going to be an outlet for me, and I need that.”

The other intramural leagues, which include men and women’s dodgeball and co-ed volleyball, have all already started. Randolph is hoping that intramural PowderPuff can start in the next couple weeks.

Randolph is still looking for players, so if any female students at TMU are interested they can head to, create an account and sign up for Intramural PowderPuff as a free agent.

“We’re really excited for it to finally happen, I think a lot of girls are excited,” Randolph said. “So yeah, it’s gonna be great.”