Communication department releases short film anthology


Kaitlyn Nickerson

Set of the Prison Epistle.

Kaitlyn Nickerson, Sports Editor

  Last spring the Edward’s Valencia theatre was packed with TMU students watching the Cinema and Digital Arts Emphasis’ new short film, now that same short film will be available to audiences all over the world.

  “I was approached by a distribution company that handles primarily stuff for foreign sales,” said Professor Matt Green, the advisor to the CDA emphasis. “They want to take four of the short films we’ve done, which are “Life or Death,” “Murder of Crowe,” “Drift,” and “Lunch Rush”  and combine them and make it kinda like an anthology film.”

  The films, which all deal with concept of morality, will be connected with additional footage and turned into a single project that will be distributed overseas.

  “We also have a short film that we did last year called “Prison Epistle” that is going to premiere in the spring on the UP Network’s SVOD service, to their streaming service,” said Green.

  According to Green, it is very rare that a university’s short films are distributed at all.

  “The fact that we are able to take these short films and actually get them out there for the students is huge,” said Green. “(The students) can say ‘I made a short film and it didn’t just become a door stop or it went to a festival it’s actually out there for the public to purchase.”

  Students filled almost all of the roles for the short films including director, producer, and director of photography.

  “It’s unbelievably amazing that more people are seeing it or going to see it,” said David Wismer, director of “Prison Epistle.” “I just expected it to be a little school project for class credit but it turned out to be a bigger deal.”

  After completing two full short films last year, the Communications department is preparing to produce one film over winterim and three films in the spring, a record amount for the department.

  “It’s going to be a busy Christmas and on into the spring semester,” said Green. “We’re doing some stuff we’ve never done before in how we structure all that. So the opportunities are really huge.”