TMU men soccer out of the field (Anna Copley )
TMU men soccer out of the field

Anna Copley

Mustangs conquer in state and out of state, on and off the field

September 27, 2018

On Saturday, Aug. 8, the men’s soccer team returned home from Arizona. They had just played against Benedict University and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University coming home with both a win and a loss.


“It is a really good team to be a part of, because I’ve never been to a Christian school before,” said Peter Mackay, a sophomore double majoring in business and pre-law in finance. “It’s a good environment, and everyone is encouraging. The team tries to work hard and get better each day. It’s challenging but enjoyable.”


The men’s soccer team has a structured practice every week in order to strengthen their skills. They work hard for an hour and a half in the heat each day.


“We have a mature group,” Jim Rickard, the team’s coach, said. “We have eight starting seniors. They know what the expectations are and want to have a good season.”


According to Mackay, one of the difficult things about being on the team is having to prioritize time and being to able to keep up with school work.  


The soccer season usually lasts until Thanksgiving, with the possibility of going longer if the team continues to do well.  Last year, they made it to the conference semifinals but lost.


However, the team did place third in conference, and they believe there is potential to make it again.


“It’s a good feeling playing with all believers, since I’ve never had that before, we can hold each other accountable,” Brayden Campos, a sophomore soccer player, said. “We see that it is more than soccer, but we always work hard and do our best. The guys are cool. It’s a good group of men.”


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