What Comes After College?


Kinsley Lively

Flier for TMU workshops

Kinsley Lively, News Editor

Whether your job means working nine-to-five, a twenty-four hour shift or having a come-in-when-needed type of schedule, most college students plan on working after school. At TMU, there is a staff specifically hired to help students prepare for finding and keeping a job.

Student Career Services has helped many students figure out what to do after they graduate, even during their time at Masters.


A lot of students who get jobs through Career Services start to get the experience they need for their future career, such as junior Katie Busman.


“My degree is business marketing, and I can definitely see how working in the University Exchange helps, because I get to see how the school markets itself,” said Busman, who got a job at the UE through career services.


The staff in Student Career Services has planned a few events in the next couple of months to prepare students at Master’s for their future.


Starting today, the resume and cover letter writing workshop begins at 2:30 p.m. in BSC 202. According to the fliers, all the events (excluding the career fair) will be at the same time and in the same place.


“In the future, I’m going to need to get a job, and I don’t know how to make a proper resume. I don’t know how to format it and what goes where,” Joshua Allen, a junior majoring in marketing media, said. “So I look forward to getting the basics down. I think it’s going to be very useful.”


On Sept. 21, student career services will have a workshop on interviewing techniques.


“Right now, it’s hard to find jobs,” Bill Bolde, executive director of career services and advancement for TMU, said. “Being ready is far more than taking all the classes. You can be a fantastic student, but did you cultivate the skills that you need to get hired somewhere? The resume doesn’t get you the job, it’s much more than that.”


On Oct. 26, a workshop on networking strategies is scheduled.


“Networking is so important. You’ve got to know people,” Bolde said. “You’ve got to be tenacious and attack the world and find the jobs and convince them that you’re the person for this position.”


There is also a career fair on Nov. 9 with at least eighteen businesses represented, including Henry Mayo Hospital, the Hyatt, Princess Cruises, Bank of Santa Clarita, KHTS Radio, Jersey Mike’s and Disney.


Bolde suggests a career fair mainly includes making connections, business professionals telling a student what they’ll need on their resume to succeed in their job search and how they should present themselves to that business.


The last workshop on Nov. 30, will focus on professionalism in the workplace. It will answer the question: When you get the job, what can you do to keep the job?


“From my heart, what I want to see for students is a better tomorrow,” Bolde said. “I want students to be able to come out of here with the skills necessary for a competitive world.”